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Announcing 2015 Parliament Program Proposal Deadline Extension

January 7, 2015

Now Accepting 2015 Parliament Program Proposals through March 15!
The most instrumental aspect of building the next Parliament is all in the program. So the Parliament is extending the proposal submission deadline until March 15 to open this opportunity to the ever-widening world of interfaith activists. In special consideration for the critical constituencies of women, indigenous, and emerging leaders:
“The Executive Committee [of the Parliament Board] unanimously approved extending the program proposal submission deadline from January 15 to March 15th and final confirmation of the program acceptance to May 1, 2015 from the current deadline of April 1.”
Let us think outside the box on ways the interfaith movement can commit together to advance action on the challenges of our climate, global violence, and economic disparities!

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And the backbone of the interfaith movement! The Parliament will feature its staple interfaith programs which will:

Tell others about your faith
Share about your relationship with those of other faiths
Show us how you observe your faith
Explain how the interfaith movement works in your locale

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You are also encouraged to propose programs which make use of creative mediums to explore the 2015 Parliament theme: Reclaiming the Heart of Our Humanity! Working Together for a World of Compassion with Peace, Justice, and Sustainability

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