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One Young World Holds First International Summit

June 19, 2010

One Young World (OYW), a global forum for young leaders, held its first international summit in February this year. 823 young leaders from 112 countries met in London for three days to discuss current events and developed 6 key Resolutions. Plenary sessions were led by such international figures as Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Kofi Annan, and Muhammad Yunus. Addressing the crowd of young leaders, Muhammad Yunus said, “Only if we act can we create the world that we want.” Discussion topics focused on how to implement social change in a business setting. Said Lauren Pierce Bush, 25 year old founder of FEED, “The importance of doing good in business will be just as important as doing well in business.” To watch footage from from the summit and learn more about OYW, click here. Currently, OYW Ambassadors from Nigeria, Russia, and South Africa are supporting the Missing Millenium Development Goal, a petition that declares the eight Millennium Development Goals can only be successful with Interfaith Collaboration. The Millennium Development Goals (MDG) created by the UN include objectives such as halving poverty and preventing the further spread of HIV and AIDS. Click here to sign The Missing Millenium Development Goal petition.