The Global Wicca Summit

Join the Wiccan community as part of their upcoming Global Wicca Summit, a Teleconference, focused on the central question and theme “Wicca as a Global Faith".   The Global Wicca Conference will be a conversation using transmedia tools, to share and collaborate on understanding the Wiccan community and is now an official Pathways to PoWR Pre-Parliament Event.

Listen in from September 4 - 10, 2018 by visiting

This conference is being held ahead of the 7th Parliament of the World’s Religions, where the organizers plans to attend, interact, and participate actively in the interfaith efforts taking place around the world. 

The flagship will be Pagans Tonight Radio Network, with nightly broadcasts, which will host three hours nightly live. This will allow for panels, discussions, and questions in a very real and personal way. From there, CEM (Correllian Education Ministry) will use all of their Cyber Ministry tools to provide communication and connection across multiple platforms and by many participants.  Organizers will offer information on each platform through their hub page

Magick TV, a leading online video channel, will be providing key interviews and panels that we are recording all summer long. These will be opened to the public during the week of the Summit, each being also connected to chatrooms and forums. It is our expectation that we will provide interesting ideas that will provide conversation and insight to our community. It is anticipated that Magick TV will have multiple creators, showing their panels locally.  This is a way to allow us as large a view as possible.

If you want to participate as a Video caster, Blogger, Pod caster, as a Host, or Facebook Live Broadcasting please contact the organizers at [email protected]

Schedule of Events for Pagans Tonight Radio Network

Tuesday, September 4th

6:30-7 pm central 
M. Rev. Don Lewis Highcorrell- Opening remarks
M. Rev. Stephanie Neal- Opening Prayer 

7-9:30 pm central
Circle- Selena Fox and guests
Wednesday, September 5th

7-8 pm central 
Rt. Rev. Ser Ed Correll interviews Arch Priestess Phyllis Curott 

8-9 pm central 
Jason Mankey

9-10 central
Apu Adman Aghama
Philippine Community

Thursday, September 6th 

8-9:30 pm central
Arch Priestess Belladonna Laveau & members of Aquarian Tabernacle Church  

9:30 pm central 
PTRN Station Manager Pam Kelly-
90 min Wiccan concert

Friday, September 7th

8-11 pm central 
Correllian Friday w/ members of the Correllian Tradition 

Saturday, September 8th

Time TBD
Voces Pagana- Rt. Rev. Ayra Alseret and Rev. Eblis Correllian
Spanish Speaking Community

Sunday, September 9th

8-9:30 pm central 
Rev. Jon Anastasio Hp w/guest panel

9:30-11 pm central
PTRN Station Manager Pam Kelly-
90 min Wiccan concert 

Monday, September 10th

8-11 pm central
Rt. Rev. Ed Correll and Rev. Lori Blackman will sum up the weeks event.