Meelad-un-Nabiyyain - Meanings: The Birth Celebration of the Two Prophets

On December 9th, 2017, Universal Interfaith Peace Mission (UIPM) hosted an official Pathways to PoWR pre-Parliament event. Titled, "Meelad-un-Nabiyyain - Meanings: The Birth Celebration of the Two Prophets", the event saw the participation of Excellency Mr James Clark the First Secretary International Affairs High Commission Canada in Islamabad as chief guest while Dr. Chishti presiding over the function. The event was attended by Mr SK Niazi Chief Executive
Pakistan Group of Newspapers and Chairman ROze NewsTV Channel Islamabad and Mr Ijazul Haq Chairman Zia Shaheed Muslim League and other ulema, scholars and representatives from various religions and organizations, whose participated to make it a success.

The program was a congregation of men women and youths as well as young students and was conducted as the Meelad un Nabiyyain the birth of the two great divine entities; the Prophet Muhammad and Jesus Christ.  Dr. Chishti highlighted that Jesus was in the Quran and Muhammad PBU in the Bible, and the importance of respecting one another`s scriptures.

The event had special coverage from four newspapers including CityNews, Margallas, The Nation, and The Fortress. 

From The Nation (Dec. 11, 2017) :

Speakers on Sunday stressed for promoting tolerance among different religions, saying that interfaith harmony was need of the hour which enabled people from different religions to live together in peace, a statement said.

Universal Interfaith Peace Mission (UIPM) organised a Pre-Parliament of World Religions (PPOWR) event to promote the message of interfaith harmony and tolerance among different religions.

From Margallas (Dec. 11, 2017)

Members of the civil society and people from minority communities attended the event, organised in collaboration with partner organisations. 

Speaking on the occassion, James Clark said that they had been working on interfaith harmony and human rights throughout the month and their programme focused entire Pakistan.