Parliament of the World's Religions E-Newsletter Archive 2017

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Date: 2017-12-21
Title: Eblast - As we enter our 25th year—or 125th, if you’re counting from the front steps of the
Details: To Our Interfaith Family, As we enter our 25th year—or 125th, if you’re counting from the front steps of the 1893 World’s Fair—we at the Parliament of the World’s Religions are more mission driven than ever. Literally.

Date: 2017-12-08
Title: Eblast - We honor the justice builders and peacemakers on the ground whose incredible w...
Details: At the Parliament of the World’s Religions, we are alarmed by the decision of the President of the United States to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. We are distressed by the escalating tensions in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict that this decision is causing. We entreat all parties to engage in strategies that avoid further provocations, that give the highest regard for the value of every human life, and that envision a future of non-violence, reconciliation, and justice as the most effective route to peace

Date: 2017-12-04
Title: Eblast - Sites held sacred to The Hopi, the Ute Mountain Ute, The Ute Indian Tribe of the Ui...
Details: Yes, once again the U.S. is scaling back the sacred - stealing away large swathes of land that from areas that are designated as National Monuments and legally protected by the Antiquities Act. Specifically, the President has promised to drastically reduce the area of Bears Ears National Monument and Grand Staircase-Escalante, effectively opening the looted lands to drilling, mining, and development. These sites are held sacred to five tribes: The Hopi, the Ute Mountain Ute, The Ute Indian Tribe of the Uintah and Ouray Reservation, the Navajo, and the Zuni. As if plundering the sacred sites of one tribe wasn’t enough.

Date: 2017-12-04
Title: Eblast - We invite other religious and civic leaders to join together in condemnation of the
Details: In these times of extraordinary tension and danger, leaders—whether political, socio-cultural, or religious and whatever their nation, tradition, or spiritual path--have a special obligation to be unquestionably truthful, intentionally civil and respectful, and particularly careful to avoid being inflammatory and polarizing in any way. Instead, they need to be relentless in seeking a common good for their nation and its diverse peoples.

Date: 2017-12-01
Title: Eblast - Women's Task Force Responds to #MeToo Stories and Sexualized Violence
Details: The Women’s Task Force of the Parliament of the World’s Religions stands in solidarity with all who are shining a light on sexual abuse and harassment in today’s world. Religions must put the needs of victim-survivors first, particularly those who have been harmed within religious and spiritual contexts.

Date: 2017-11-28
Title: Eblast - This #GivingTuesday, will you support the global interfaith organizing and our change...
Details: As a supporter of the Parliament of the World’s Religions, you have put your faith, resources, and energy into building our collective "PoWR" to achieve a more just, peaceful, and sustainable world.

Date: 2017-11-13
Title: Eblast - "Substantive and Significant:" PWR Praises Climate & Health Declaration from Ponti
Details: The Parliament of the World's Religions and its Climate Action Task Force expresses an emphatic appreciation for what Task Force Chair David Hales signals is a "significant and substantive" declaration on climate change and health authored through the cooperative input of religious, state, academic and scientific actors this month in Vatican City.

Date: 2017-11-10
Title: Eblast - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Personal Commitment and Invitation to UN Climate Confe
Details(Bonn, November 10, 2017)  Scores of religious leaders and people of diverse faiths and spiritualities on bicycles, some wearing traditional religious clothing, delivered a multi-faith statement to the UN Conference on Climate Change (COP23), pledging to adopt sustainable behaviors themselves and calling on their followers and world leaders to do the same. The delivery also marked the launch of a new international, multi-faith sustainable lifestyles initiative.

Date: 2017-10-10
Title: Eblast - Attend a UN Habitat Interfaith Meeting in Singapore with the Parliament!
Details: Parliament of the World's Religions Reception hosted by Dr. Mary Nelson at the UN Habitat Faith-based Urban Thinkers Campus featuring discussion and more information about the forthcoming 2018 Parliament of the World's Religions in Toronto and the inclusion of the 25th Anniversary of the Declaration Towards a Global Ethic and its prominence at the forthcoming 2018 Parliament as well as in the Faith-based Urban Thinkers Campus deliberations: Tuesday, November 14th  6:00 p.m. - 6:45 p.m. 

Date: 2017-10-09
Title: Eblast - A Letter for Indigenous Peoples' Day 
Details: We at the Parliament of the World's Religions, with our office in the United States, rejoice that an increasing number of people in this country have been converted from calling this "Columbus Day" to "Indigenous Peoples' Day."

Date: 2017-10-04
Title: Eblast - Urgent Webinar October 5: Family of Faith Addressing Rohingya Genocide
Details: Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid, the Chair of Burma Task Force and the immediate past Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Parliament of the World's Religions, will be hosting a webinar for Interfaith leaders on what we can do to end the Rohingya genocide. Adem Caroll, UN representative for the non-profit Justice for All, and additional faith leaders will be invited to share recommendations on the webinar.

Date: 2017-09-28
Title: Eblast - The Super Saver is Ending This Weekend!
Details: Dear Friends of the Parliament of the World’s Religions,
If you are planning to sign up as a Super Saver registrant to join us in Toronto, this is a reminder that rates increase in two days.
We have recently shared a few important announcements on the 2018 Parliament of the World's Religions that may be helpful to you as you consider your attendance in 2018. If you have registered already, thank you! We hope this information may be beneficial for you to forward to your friends, family, and colleagues.  

Date: 2017-09-19
Title: Eblast - Calling for Programs: Including Your Voice at the 2018 Parliament of the World's Re...
DetailsEvery attendee of the Parliament ​of the World’s Religions brings ​wisdom​ ​to​ ​share​ from the heart of their religious traditions and lives, their scholarship, their artistic talents, and their activism in the causes of justice, peacemaking and sustainability. The purpose​ ​of​ ​the 2018 ​Parliament of the World’s Religions in Toronto​ ​is​ ​to​ ​encourage and enhance​ ​relationships,​ ​connections​,​ ​​and​ action​ ​throughout the world, all of which strengthen our collective efforts to cause change ​in​ ​hundreds​ ​of​ ​grassroots organizations,​ ​networks,​ ​and​ ​communities.​ 

Date: 2017-09-18
Title: Eblast - Pathways to the 2018 PoWR to Begin with Great Lakes Water Walk
Details: Dear Friends,
I’m taking a walk next Sunday, September 24…and I’m hoping you’ll join me.
My walk is the Great Lakes Water Walk in Tkaronto— the city of Toronto in Ontario, Canada. Two groups will be walking, one eastward and the other on the westward along the Toronto Waterfront trail, and each will be carrying water from their point of origin. We’ll meet at a central point and there partake in a concluding ceremony. 

Date: 2017-08-18
Title: Eblast - Supremacy and the Interfaith Movement
Details: No religion or nation or ethnicity or culture, it seems, has an exclusive lock on it.
And victimized groups are everywhere: Tibetans, Ukrainians, citizens of cities in Europe: Paris, Nice, Brussels, Istanbul, Barcelona; Dalits in India, Muslims in too many locations, Indigenous peoples across the globe, Black Lives in the United States and often elsewhere. Charlottesville.

Date: 2017-08-07
Title: Eblast - For Your Benefit, Super Saver Deadline Reset to September 
Details: Dear Friends,
The planning team of the 2018 Parliament of the World’s Religions has very recently learned that multiple groups mobilizing to attend next year’s convening in Toronto will benefit from a longer Super Saver registration period. 

Date: 2017-08-03
Title: Eblast - "Inclusion" and "Love" Will be Major Themes of 2018 Parliament of the World's Religion...
It may, at first glance, seem warm and fuzzy.
Including everyone.
Loving everyone.
Wouldn’t it be wondrous? Yes, of course!
But possible? Realistic? Achievable? At this time? In our kind of world?

Date: 2017-06-30
Title: Eblast - Presidents Trump & Moon Received an Interfaith Appeal on the Future of the Kore...
Details: Global interfaith organizations including the Parliament of the World's Religions and the United Religions Initiative have joined Religions for Peace USA, the Temple for Understanding, and other religious and spiritual organizations in signing an appeal to President Donald J. Trump and President Moon Jae-in presented on the occasion of today's [June 29] summit of leaders of the United States and the Republic of Korea.

Date: 2017-06-15
Title: Eblast - Unprecedented Meeting of World Faith Leaders to Take on Global Deforestation
Details: For the first time, leaders from many of the world’s religions will meet to discuss the spiritual and ethical responsibility they share to protect rainforests, one of the planet’s most vital life-support systems. Besieged by growing global demand for commodities, tropical rainforests are being cleared at a perilous rate, with an area the size of Austria chopped down each year. 

Date: 2017-06-08
Title: Eblast - Mid-Ramadan, Many Faiths Make a Difference 
Details: Next generation interfaith activists— Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Jewish, Non-Religious and more—  are giving charity, community, compassion and service a boost throughout Ramadan. Below is a round-up of their stories, reflections that demonstrate what impressive lengths young people are going to stand for one another the during this year's Interfaith Ramadan.

Date: 2017-06-01
Title: Eblast - The Parliament Team Welcomes a New Director of Resource Development
Details: The Parliament of the World’s Religions welcomes Diana J. Faust as its Director of Resource Development, beginning June 1, 2017.
Ms. Faust comes to this new position for the Parliament with years of successful fund development, or as she would say, “a wealth of experience in helping people make meaningful connections with their greatest passions.”


Date: 2017-06-01
Title: Eblast - We Condemn President Trump’s Plans to Withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreem
Details: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Parliament of the World’s Religions Condemns President Trump’s Plans to Withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement

Date: 2017-05-26
Title: Eblast - Celebrate an Interfaith Ramadan through Stories of Service & Community
Details: As the month of Ramadan is set to begin this eve, the Parliament of the World’s Religions wishes our Muslim siblings around the globe a blessed time of worship, reflection, and community. As the Parliament of the World’s Religions cultivates harmony among the world’s religious and spiritual communities, celebrating with our Muslim neighbors and honoring their traditions is a concrete way to cultivate such harmony

Date: 2017-05-09
Title: Eblast - Pre-Register Before Midnight Tomorrow for the 2018 Parliament
Details: It has been a thrilling week since announcing the next Parliament, - the 7th Parliament of the World's Religions, to be held November 1 - 7, 2018, in the most diverse city in the world: Toronto, Ontario, Canada. As the celebration continues, we are rolling out the 2018 hub on the Parliament website which features recent public announcements with Toronto's Mayor, blogs, photos, videos, and building buzz on Facebook. 

Date: 2017-05-02
Title: Eblast - Announcing the 2018 Parliament of the World's Religions
Details: With great joy, I am able to announce to you that the next international gathering of the Parliament of the World's Religions will be held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada November 1-7, 2018. Executive Director Dr. Larry Greenfield, Site Selection Committee Chair Rev. Andras Corban Arthen, and I joined other staff and trustees at City Hall in downtown Toronto this afternoon to announce and celebrate this wonderful news at a press conference with Mayor John Tory and other Canadian leaders.

Date: 2017-04-25
Title: Eblast - In 7 Days...
Details: In seven days, you will receive an announcement unveiling the name of the host nation who will make interfaith history as the home of the 7th Parliament of the World's Religions.

Date: 2017-04-18
Title: Eblast - The Parliament Mobilizes for People's Climate Marches
Details: We have a crisis on our hands, but we are not empty handed to work on this crisis.

In a couple of weeks, the People's Climate Marches will hold massive mobilizations on the streets of Washington D.C. and in sister marches around the world. We appeal urgently to you to ask that you join with the Parliament as a partner in the People's Climate Movement. We will march to show our leaders that people of faith follow through on our promises to care for our common home and one another - and to ask that they follow through as well.

Date: 2017-03-30
Title: Eblast - Interfaith Organizations Protest Trump Administration Action on Energy, Coal and Energy
Details: President Donald Trump’s actions this week to reverse the steady progress being made in confronting the challenge of climate change are not only alarming and dangerous; these actions are immoral.

Date: 2017-02-22
Title: Eblast - A Call to Stand with Faiths Rising Against Hate
Details: Hate has a history. And it extends into the present. Hate has a religious history. And that religious history also extends into the present. But hate has its challengers, too, both secular and sacred, both civic and religious, in the past and the present.

Date: 2017-02-14
Title: Newsletter - Revolutionary Love is the Call of Our Times
Details: Executive Director of the Parliament of the World's Religions Dr. Larry Greenfield invites all in the Parliament community to join us as we partner in promoting the "Revolutionary Love" project birthed at the 2015 Parliament in Salt Lake City when Valarie Kaur delivered a keynote address declaring that "revolutionary love is the call of our times."

Date: 2017-02-06
Title: Eblast - Remembering Rabbi Herman Schaalman
Details: I was just one of thousands upon thousands. But I’m sure that everyone of us who were favored by having experienced Rabbi Herman Schaalman font-size:16px"> knew almost immediately that we were in the presence of an extraordinary being.

Date: 2017-02-01
Title: Eblast - Reminder: Today We Launch Our World Interfaith Harmony Week Webinar Series
Details: Join the world's largest, most historic and inclusive global interfaith organization for a series of live-video webinars in celebration of the United Nations World Interfaith Harmony Week, February 1 – 7, 2017!

Date: 2017-01-31
Title: Eblast - To Our Friends in the Interfaith Movement Around the World
Details: We who are your colleagues in the interfaith movement living in the United States pray that you will not forsake us because of what some of our political leaders are doing in our nation’s name.

Date: 2017-01-27
Title: Eblast - Celebrate World Interfaith Harmony Week with the Parliament's Global Call Series
Details: Join the world's largest, most historic and inclusive global interfaith organization for a series of live-video webinars in celebration of the United Nations World Interfaith Harmony Week, February 1 – 7, 2017!

Date: 2017-01-27
Title: Eblast - Parliament Calls for Universal Rejection of Trump Censorship
Details: The Parliament of the World’s Religions, in its continuing commitment to address issues of environmental degradation and climate change, expresses its urgent concern about reports that the new United States Administration is curtailing the free flow of scientific information and restricting the related exchange of ideas on these crucial problems.

Date: 2017-01-18
Title: Eblast - The Parliament Issues Statement to U.S. Senate Committee for Environmental Prot...
Details: The Parliament of the World's Religions has issued a statement of testimony as follows to the United States Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works to be included in the official record of today's hearings on the nomination of Edward Scott Pruitt to the office of the Administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Date: 2017-01-04
Title: Eblast - In Memorial: Huston Smith
Details I write, I am sure, not only for the Parliament of the World's Religions but for persons, groups, organizations, institutions, and movements across the globe devoted to expanding our understanding and appreciation of our own faith traditions and the faith traditions of others, in giving thanks for the life, thought, and witness of Huston Smith.