Register Now for NAIN's 2016 Connect Conference in Guadalajara

The North American Interfaith Network (NAIN) is an organization of continental scope and character that had spent 25 years creating opportunities for interreligious and intercultural dialogue in cities across North America. This year’s annual NAIN Connect conference will be held July 10 - 13, 2016 in Guadalajara, marking the first NAIN connect to be held in Mexico. 

The conference theme, “Espacios Sagrados,"  (or the 'Sacred Space') will touch on issues of migration, pilgrimage, prayer, meditation, body, sacred territory, Mother Earth and natural resources, ecology, inner spirituality, struggles of indigenous peoples, and more. 

Connect with the Parliament at NAIN Connect in Guadalajara: The Parliament is proud to return to Guadalajara to further deepen interfaith dialogue in Mexico after a string of successful engagements with the Fundacion Carpe Diem and their biennial "Dialogo Multicultural" conferences over the past five years. Take the opportunity to meet Executive Director Dr. Larry Greenfield, who will be traveling this year to represent the Parliament at Connect 2016. The conference will also connect partipants with the organizing committee at Fundacion Carpe Diem, where Parliament Ambassador Ms. Gabriela Franco serves as one of the foundation's founding members. 

The NAIN Connect event will be held from July 10-13, 2016 (Sunday through Wednesday) at the House of Spiritual Exercises (Retreat House) “N.S. Lady of Guadalupe”, located in Francisco de Quevedo No. 190, Colonia Arcos Sur, Guadalajara. The event will carried out in Spanish, with simultaneous translations in English for the majority of the programs.  

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