On Our Faith: Sikh Immersion & Depicting Spirituality Through Paintings

On November 4-5, 2017, Sikh Sangat of Canada hosted Sikh Immersion & Depicting Spirituality Through Paintings, at Guru Manyeo Granth Gurdwara, Slough, U.K. Each day began with a tour of the Gurdwara, and over 5000 attendees from various faiths and background were able to sit together and eat langar over the two-day exhibit – communal dining room. Guests were then invited to experience the Art Exhibit – Without Shape, Without Form.

This art exhibit saw the unveiling of the new Art of Punjab gallery with 15 new paintings, and 20 previously seen paintings. Artist Kanwar Singh was in attendance to speak about his 10-year journey and his focus on the Sikh perspective.

"This initiative will elevate a decade’s worth of my creative outpouring to the kind of platform I have always envisioned," said Kanwar Singh. "A total of 35 painting will be presented on a grand scale as part of a meticulously crafted historical timeline to educate on the lives of the Sikh Gurus and great panthic heroes. I'm very excited about this partnership project with Sikh Society of Canada and I'm looking forward to meeting the local congregation in this new inspirational space." Neighbouring schools were invited to visit the art exhibit, with regular school trips to the permanent gallery to commence after November 4th.

“This event was really nice and seeing Sikh history through paintings was very cool,” shared a student, 11 years old. “The artist also talked about each painting, so I was able to learn more and got to see some really amazing art. I enjoy art also, so this was a very valuable school trip. I hope that we can come back again.”

Guests were invited to stay for the regular evening program and sit with the rest of the congregation to participate in the singing of hymns and learning more about spirituality and how it can be implemented in our everyday regular life.

Photos of the event can be seen here: Without Shape, Without Form.


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