Celebrating World Interfaith Harmony Week with the Spiritual Life Center

The Parliament of the World's Religions is a global partner of grassroots organizers in observing UN World Interfaith Harmony Week. The event World Interfaith Harmony Week is an official Parliament-affiliated celebration of the 2019 World Interfaith Harmony Week. 

From February 1 to February 7, the Spiritual Life Center of Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA is hosting a week-long celebration of World Interfaith Harmony Week. The celebration aims to explore faith through dialogue and recognize the unique and special aspects of the world's religions. Programming will be available daily and will include interactive presentations, daily meditation, and prayer. 

The host, Rev. Christie Emery, was inspired by her attendance at the 2018 Parliament of the World's Religions, "My husband and I were able to attend the Parliament in Toronto this past November.  I was delighted to spend so much time with other like-minded individuals and it reignited my desire to share my interfaith love in such a way that it would open the door for deeper interfaith conversations and interfaith interaction in our community."

The daily celebrations take on the spirit of interfaith harmony by creating a safe space for people to come and learn about other faith practices. A place to ask questions, and a place to share faith experiences that bring meaning and peace to their lives. The program includes discussions on topics like "How I see being Spiritually Fluid", "Tell us about your faith and how it heals you and the world", and "How do/am I discern(ing) a faith practice and how do I live that into the world". Visit the event page on Facebook to explore the full list of programming!

Join the Spiritual Life Center in the Colorado Springs community and through dialog, community interfaith prayer, and meditation find understanding about diverse faith practices.


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