Standing with the Christchurch Community & Our Muslim Family Around the World

On Fridays, the Parliament of the World’s Religions shares prayers from the 2018 Parliament Prayer Wall as part of our #FeelGoodFriday campaign. It’s hard to feel good when atrocities like the ones affecting the Christchurch community in New Zealand take place. 49 people were killed and 20 seriously wounded in an act of terrorism.  

The Parliament of the World’s Religions condemns this attack against peoples of faith, the growing Islamophobia, anti-Semitism and white supremacy sentiment that is spreading throughout the world. The Parliament is committed to combatting hate and violence in our communities and stand firmly committed to interfaith cooperation, engagement, and understanding.

Our deepest condolences and heartfelt prayers to the victims and their families of this horrific attack. 

We invite friends and colleagues in the interfaith movement and all peoples everywhere to commit to actions of peace, love, and understanding as antidotes to all acts of hatred and violence.

We’ve gathered resources from colleagues around the world to highlight the ways you can reach out and support the Christchurch community and Muslims around the world:

In New Zealand:

  • Attend a Peace Vigil in your community
  • Share support helplines and condemn racism in your community and social media.
  • Open Your Doors: Mosques have been instructed to close their doors nationwide if it is safe to do so offer your faith space, home or business space for people in need.

Find more ways you can support the Christchurch community at  

Around the World:

*Please Note: Security will be at an all-time high in a variety of faith spaces in response to the shooting, please be courteous and understanding with any security measures.


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