Parliament to Host 50th Earth Day Observance with Global Religious and Indigenous Leaders

In 1970, the first Earth Day ushered in a new environmental consciousness and a wave of environmental laws. 50 years later we are fighting to protect our climate and our future. Many leaders on the front lines can be found in religious and indigenous communities. They are mobilizing their peers, congregations, and villages. And increasingly they are collaborating together across countries and continents. On this 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, join us for a virtual global observance including:

• Earth Day blessings from leaders around the world

• Conversation with Mirele Goldsmith (Jewish Earth Alliance), Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim (Mbororo environmental activist), Lyla June (Diné environmental scientist, doctoral student, educator, economist, community organizer, and musician), Hellen Mugo (Catholic Youth Network for Environmental Sustainability in Africa), Gopal Patel (Bhumi Project), and Lauren Van Ham (United Religions Initiative)


Mirele Goldsmith
Jewish Earth Alliance

Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim
Mbororo environmental activist

Lyla June
Diné environmental scientist & musician

Hellen Mugo
Catholic Youth Network for Environmental Sustainability in Africa

Gopal Patel
Bhumi Project

Lauren Van Ham
United Religions Initiative

• A forward-looking message from youth climate activists

Hosted in partnership with the Earth Day Network and Faith for Earth at UN Environment

Preview the Earth Day blessings at



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