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Ramadan Reflections to Highlight Muslims and All Faiths Making a More Peaceful, Just and Sustainable World 


Interfaith Stories of Service, Gratitude & Community Will Celebrate the Holiest Islamic Month 


As the month of Ramadan is set to begin this eve, the Parliament of the World’s Religions wishes our Muslim siblings around the globe a blessed time of worship, reflection, and community. As the Parliament of the World’s Religions cultivates harmony among the world’s religious and spiritual communities, celebrating with our Muslim neighbors and honoring their traditions is a concrete way to cultivate such harmony.

Ramadan offers a time for Muslims to reflect on what the values of gratitude, service, and community means to them. It is also a time of intentional, heightened solidarity between Muslims and their neighbors across the spectrum of faith, philosophical, and ethical traditions. Muslim and non-Muslim communities alike are increasingly partnering together and utilizing Ramadan as an important touchstone for interfaith engagement through iftars, community events, and other outreach activities.

This month, the Parliament invites you to engage with us in our Interfaith Ramadan series. Throughout the month, Muslim and non-Muslim leaders will be sharing reflections on the Parliament website about how they are building solidarity along lines of division and connecting with the values of Ramadan.

You will be hearing from a Protestant community organizer working towards affordable housing reform with Muslim partners in East London, and then learn about how an interfaith leader in St. Louis launched the first Muslim Woman’s Professional Network. To kickoff the series, Sara Rahim, a youth representative of the Parliament to the UN and professional staff, writes about what's on her mind as she begins her personal Ramadan observance.

Through all of these reflections, we hope you will be inspired by how young people are motivated by their faith to harness the good in their communities to build bridges across diverse traditions.

As all of our great traditions around the world are called to serve, we hope that you will utilize this month as a time to learn and continue building bridges in your own community.

Share your own reflections with us to info@parliamentofreligions.org or tag us at #RamadanPoWR.

To our cherished Muslim members of the Parliament community, we extend to you our heartfelt wishes for a blessed observance of Ramadan!

In Peace,