The Parliament of the World's Religions Calls for Invoking the 25th Amendment of the US Constitution to Remove Donald J. Trump from Office |
The Trustees of the Parliament of the World's Religions call on the Vice-President and the Cabinet of the United States to transmit to the President pro tempore of the United States Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unfit and therefore unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, in accordance with Article 4 of the 25th Amendment to the United States Constitution. 

Donald J. Trump has forsaken his credibility and demonstrated that he is incapable of discharging the powers and duties of the Office of the President of the United States of America. The Parliament of the World’s Religions is a global institution and recognizes the influence that the President of the United States has on the world. Those with the greatest opportunity and power to affect the world have the greatest responsibility to act with unflinching moral integrity. The Parliament of the World’s Religions remains committed to a culture of non-violence and a life of truthfulness, as agreed upon in our signature document Towards A Global Ethic.

"Persons who hold political power must work within the framework of a just order and commit themselves to the most non-violent, peaceful solutions possible...for the leaders of countries, politicians, and political parties, to whom we entrust our own freedoms. When they lie in the faces of their people, when they manipulate the truth, or when they are guilty of venality or ruthlessness in domestic or foreign affairs, they forsake their credibility and deserve to lose their offices and their voters. ”

- Towards A Global Ethic: A Declaration of the Parliament of the World’s Religions

The Parliament of the World’s Religions cultivates harmony among the world’s spiritual traditions and fosters their engagement with guiding institutions in order to achieve a more peaceful, just, and sustainable world. Its origins are rooted to the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago, where the historic first convening of the World Parliament of Religions created a global platform for engagement of religions of the east and west. Headquartered in Chicago, Il, USA, the Parliament of the World’s Religions is an international 501c3 NGO affiliated to the United Nations Department of Public Information.

The Parliament hosts the world’s premier interfaith convening in cities across the globe. Past Parliaments have convened nearly 60,000 people across the world in Chicago, IL, USA; Cape Town, South Africa; Barcelona, Spain; Melbourne, Australia; Salt Lake City, USA; and Toronto, Canada.