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UN World Interfaith Harmony Week Partner Event - 

Join the Spiritual Heritage Education Network Inc. for an official PoWR Partner UN World Interfaith Harmony Week Series entitled “Envision the Future of Education: Contemplative Learning of Unity in Diversity”.

When: Four Saturdays 6, 13, 20 and 27 of February 2021 from 10:00 am EST to 12:30 pm EST

Where: Virtually via Zoom, click here. Please note that the link for the four days will stay the same.

The Spiritual Heritage Education Network Inc. (SHEN) has been researching how education can be redesigned to usher in a culture of interfaith harmony.  After years of research in core wisdom underlying religion, SHEN finds that, although religions are many, their core wisdom is one. This wisdom underlying religion correlates and converges with the utmost findings of scientific disciplines resulting in what may be called a holistic science.

Honourable proponents of World interfaith Harmony Week have summed up this core wisdom in three commandments: 

  • Love God: To love the One God, we must learn to see Him/Her in the relative God of our community first perceived by us.

  • Love the good: Pursuit of goodness must become the sole purpose of our life.

  • Love the neighbour: Neighbour can be from any faith or no faith. We must then be able to love anybody. We must also learn to rise above our survival instincts.

After years of researching, writing and convening, SHEN has arrived at the stage of articulating a preliminary proposal to envision the future of education that can systematically help us live by these commandments. This event is an attempt to share that proposal with you and invite you to strengthen it with your ideas. We plan to dedicate half of the time in each session to hear your ideas.

Join this virtual World Interfaith Harmony Week Event! You’ll:

  • Learn what contemplative education is, how we can harness your inner energy to connect with others, and the important role that contemplative education can play in cultivating interfaith harmony.

  • Be heard and have your ideas considered for incorporating core spirituality into education.

  • Build a lasting network with like-minded people from around the globe.

  • Gain exposure as a contributing change-maker and open doors for professional opportunities.