The Global Ethic at the 2021 Parliament & Beyond

Image Source: Amelia Wells on Flickr

The signature document of the Parliament, the Global Ethic, has, since 1993, served as an important springboard for conversation about moral issues between laypeople and academics alike. The product of wide consultation, the Global Ethic is a unique expression of the minimal values and principles shared by religious and non-religious people across the world. The upcoming 2021 Virtual Parliament offers several programs in the Global Ethic Track.

Featured Programs at #2021PoWR

Even when the Parliament is not organizing convenings, it supports continued work on the Global Ethic. For example, the Parliament’s Global Ethic Project Director, Dr. Myriam Renaud (PhD in religious thought and ethics) has just completed an academic book, nearly half of which is dedicated to the Global Ethic. Written without jargon so it can be read by many people, her chapters on the Global Ethic trace its history, assess its strengths and weaknesses, address several criticisms, analyze what kind of ethic it is, and offer approaches for locating its values and principles in sacred texts. The book, Constructing Moral Concepts of God in a Global Age, will be available on Amazon in May/June 2022.