Parliament Trustee Recognized as Global Climate Leader

Parliament Trustee and NextGen Task Force Chair, Kehkashan Basu received some wonderful news this June. Ms. Basu was recognized by three important institutions for her work as a youth leader, her commitment to climate action, and her advocacy on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Join the Parliament in congratulating this outstanding leader!

5 Young Activists Making 'Generation Equality' a Reality

On June 7th, Global Citizen recognized Ms. Basu as one of the Youth Leaders of UN Women's Generation Equality Forum. Global Citizen spoke to five members of the Generation Equality Forum Youth Task Force about what they hope to bring to the GEF, the gender equality issues they care about most, and how they would like to see young people stand up to achieve gender equality in our lifetime. Kehkashan had this to say,

"I started working at a grassroots level when I was 7 years old. I am 20 now and already have 13 years [of] experience in diverse settings — from deeply vulnerable rural communities to being an active youth voice at the highest levels of decision-making [in]various UN processes. Despite my young age, I bring extensive and diverse work experience to the table. Most of my work has also been with communities who have remained invisible and I continue to be vocal about mitigating the challenges that they face."

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The Sunday Times UK  names 10 young environmentalists and their planet-saving ideas

On June 13th, the Sunday Times UK released their Green Power list naming 10 young environmentalists and their planet-saving ideas. Kehkashan was one of the 10 youth leaders identified, which also included Amy and Ella Meek, Greta Thunberg, Vanessa Nakate, Joe Brindle, and Mya-Rose Craig. Read more here!

CogX Awards 2021 Winners

On June 14th, CogX Festival gathers the brightest minds in business, government, and technology to celebrate innovation, discuss global topics and share the latest trends shaping the defining decade ahead. Kehkashan was awarded the Global Goals Impact Award for her work on the Sustainable Development Goals. Learn more here!