The 2nd Sharing Creating Offering Art Event

Tumpek Krulut Compassion Day is celebrated twice a year. But the last krulut day in Bali was a special one. “The 2nd Sharing Creating Offering Art event” on January 31st  2015 was organized to celebrate the Krulut Day combined together with the events, United Nations World Interfaith Harmony Week Event and a Pre-Parliament of the World’s Religions Event.

Tumpek Kurulut day is a holy day in Indonesia for giving thanks to God the great unity, as manifested in Dewa Iswara for creating sacred sounds of sacred music in the beauty of art. Tumpek Krulut is also the compassion day towards all living beings. The word krulut means the unity of the heart with sundaram (beauty), so that the thoughts become peaceful.

SharingOfferingArt #2_GoaGajah_TumpekKrulut_31Jan2015_12_Bajang Tiban dance.jpg

Apart from the magnificent colorful performances, a very valuable discussion session also took place in celebrating this event on “The contributions of Ethnic Cultures to the Prosperity of the World’s Communities” conducted by Dr. Wayan Dibia (GEOKS - Singapadu, Bali); Dr. Kusumita Pedersen (trustee Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions); and Drs. I Wayan Patera (Chief of the Samuan Tiga temple).

Dr. Diane Butler, the Co-Charter Founder and President of International Foundation for Dharma Nature Time and Suprapto Suryodarmo the founder of Padepokan Lemah Putih further reported to us about this event the belief that sharing among artists, culture specialists, religious leaders, market vendors and society grows a spirit of gotong royong (mutual cooperation) and inspired by the essence of Tumpek Krulut will be useful for efforts to increase mutual understanding, harmony, and prosperity for humanity throughout the world, and in particular, based on the values of unity in diversity.

SharingOfferingArt #2_GoaGajah_TumpekKrulut_31Jan2015_03_RejangRenteng.jpg

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