"International Interfaith Day" Celebrates Religious Freedom

Global Peace Pioneers

From The Daily Times

ISLAMABAD: Global Peace Pioneers (GPP) on Tuesday celebrated ‘International Interfaith Day’ under the theme ‘united we are’.

The day’s activities were part of weeklong celebrations organised by GPP to engage university and school students representing different faiths in peace debates. Visits of students to different religious places, creative art workshops, and exhibitions were held to promote a culture of mutual coexistence, respect and tolerance in the society.

Representatives from civil society, academia, scholars, media and students enthusiastically participated in the events.

Hina Iqbal, GPP chairperson, said, “It’s our privilege that people from different faiths, races and cultures are committed to contributing their experiences ‘of humanity’ and have placed their artwork for promotion of interfaith harmony and cooperation for peace.”

She said GPP’s task is to propose a vision of faith, not in terms of intolerance, discrimination and conflict but in terms of complete respect for truth, coexistence, rights and reconciliation.

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