A Pathway to Peace

The Palatine Sikh Religious society of Chicago organized “A pathway to peace” combined with the pre-parliament event on November 15th 2014. The event took place in Palatine Illinois at the Palatine Sikh Religious society of Chicago in collaboration with the Parliament. Dr. Balwant Hansra who hosted the event reported that there were about 200 attendees and about ten speakers at the event representing a diverse religious group. In addition to the speakers from various faiths, there were representation from the Parliament as well as the World Sikh Council. Molly Horan from Parliament addressed the event regarding the 2015 Parliament at Salt Lake City.

Palatine Sikh Religious Society of Chicago is a not-for-profit religious organization, serves the community since 1979 as the largest Gurdwara Sahib in the Midwest. As Dr. Hansra explained SRS is not only a place to worship, but also as a place of hospitality, providing food, shelter and is open to all. Dr. Hansra served the Parliament since 1993 till 2009 as a member of the Board of Trustees and continues to serve the Parliament with his service at time in need.

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photo credits: http://www.srsofchicago.com/gurdwara-gallery/

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