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Sign the Solidarity Pledge


Solidarity in Chicago

Under the banner of "Sharing Sacred Spaces," religious and spiritual communities of Chicago's downtown Loop are participating together in a series of open house experiences to promote dialogue and understanding and provide a basis for possible collaboration in the future. This group of communities is the first to consider committing to a "Solidarity Pledge."

Communities are NOT required to consider or commit to the Solidarity Pledge in order to participate in Sharing Sacred Spaces. It is preferred, however, that communities at least undertake a discussion of the Solidarity Pledge, regardless of their final determination.

In considering the Solidarity Pledge, each community would be asked to do the following:

  • Involve the community as a whole in discussing the Solidarity Pledge
  • Offer a tradition-specific rationale for their commitment. Why do we as a religious or spiritual community commit to this pledge? What in our tradition, our history, our current community life, practice and service, prompts us to make this commitment?
  • Commit to the Solidarity Pledge as an affirmation of the community
  • If they wish, a community might offer their own version for the collective wording of the Solidarity Pledge
  • Establish a mechanism within the community to respond appropriately to incidents that call for a statement or action expressing solidarity

It is the hope of the Council that such a process and pledge, as part of Sharing Sacred Spaces, could serve as a model for similar initiatives across the metropolitan Chicago area, and around the world.

Sacred Solidarity in Chicago

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