Weaving Together - Laguna Hills, California

Weaving Together

Weaving.. Together..” the pre-parliament event was hosted by “ Women of Spirit and Faith “ organization. Kathe Schaaf also reported that this is a friend-raising, fund-raising house party for the parliament of the world’s religions to support the 2015 Parliament in Salt Lake City. More than ten local organizations partnered with “Women of Spirit and Faith” (WSF) to deliver a “taste of the Parliament experience” to about 70 participants on September 4th 2014 at Laguna Hills California.

The birth of “Women of Spirit and Faith” is an amazing story. The co-founders Rev. Guo Cheen, Kathleen Hurtly, Kay Lindahl and Kathe Schaff came together at the 2009 Parliament in Melbourne, and they were thrilled to see the rising feminine energy and women leadership promoted at the event. WSF was initiated in 2010 and gave a platform to the rising hunger among women to engage in spirituality and transformative leadership. Within just two years, WSF organized many events, media platforms as well as publications.


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