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posted on 2016-11-05, 2:16 am

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AMERICA is at a critical juncture. Our current Administration is trying to undo the good works of the past 60 years. Today this remarkable video was posted of a spontaneous event that happened on our nation's capitol steps - within view of the United States Supreme Court. Here Senator Cory Booker speaks to human rights, and human dignity - to inspire us all in these dark times. Also Senator Cory Booker speaks with eloquence about religion, and what the Torah has to say about the right to health care. I highly encourage all Americans to watch this "Democracy in Action" video, and for anyone else that wishes to see a better side of America. www(dot)facebook(dot)com slash corybooker slash videos slash 10156979723652228 slash Thank you.

It is a so nice review of the current situation of America. I do agree with your these points and there is a need to identify and rectify the issues. Also from I learned a lot about the best ways to get a solution.

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Wow, Wholygirl, thanks so much for your reference to Senator Cory Booker and his "Democracy in Action" video for anyone else that wishes to see a better side of America. I went to and caught his quote from Langston Hughes "Before you tell me about your religion, first show it to me in how you treat other people. Don’t tell me about how pious you are or how faithful you are, when you treat the least of these with contempt".... right at the end of the video. This statement gets right down to the nitty gritty ! As do the following links: , and . I trust that readers here will also appreciate Senator Booker's words and initiatives, and share them at CPWR !

The brilliant poetry and writing of Langston Hughes, may be accessed here - see . His bio is well worth the read too - see .What a man !

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in my state our governor was caught for illegally funding money to a prostitute ring, not to mention the crime he committed against his wife for adultery. The justice system allow him to walk Scott free with a simple resignation.

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