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Faith in Women


Cannon69 said:

Wow this post is basically relevant to the rights of women's and their faith. All the young girls can evaluate the following to get the best tips which has too much beneficial for women's career. The author of this forum uses a very nice writing skills which is great message for students.

Donald Chalmers replied:

Posted to CPWR’s Interfaith Forum approx. April 2018: This blog was prompted by my linkedin Interfaith Professionals Robyn Lebron's call for suggestions as to her proposed panel participation with Satya Kalra's group titled “The Divine Feminine” at the 7th Parliament of the World’s Religions in Toronto this November (see ) !

I responded to Robyn's blog as follows: ....

As a mere “man”, this is what “I” would like to “hear” all you women saying, so that we can (together) sing with “One Voice”, once more:

That “LOVE IS” the “IMMUTABLE FOUNDATION” on which to build anything of enduring worth. That “man” springs from “woman”, and not the other way around. That “man” is an essential part of “woman”, and not separated from “her”.

That “mankind” is born to Love, and to be Kind. That there is no fear or hate in Love. That “man” is nothing without “woman”, and that “women” cannot do without their counterparts and helpmates.

That “humane” IS loving and kind, because it has the “e” factor in it (the “energy” of a “Good-God” in it, which seeks ALWAYS the positive, rather than the negative); the “lightning rod” which short-circuits the “space” between the negative and positive.

That “God” IS; that “we” (all) ARE “that” ALSO (I AM, you ARE, we ARE, all ARE “that” I AM).

That we are here to help, encourage, comfort, nurture and support “OTHERS”, because “ALL people are created EQUAL members of ONE human (humane) family”. THAT is our calling, and none else. We will then not do to others that which we would hate for our own puny individual selves:

That “TANGENTIAL” (right-angled) viewing exposes the lie given by those whose motives are not pure and equal. EQUALITY can then be seen as " ll " (side by side, working together "WITH", building up "COMMUNITY", rather than tearing it down).

That the fabric of society and of all social groups sexual, political and religious (etc), is built “up” in space and time by an “interweaving” of the “masculine” and the “feminine”, otherwise called “Equal INTERACTION”, which is BOTH mutually desired, AND beneficial, worldwide.

That we have come TOGETHER to this dawning of the “Age of Aquarius” armed with an INSIGHT honed and matured as never before; that we have the power to be KIND, even to our animals, insofar as we can help it, while we yet live in the pre-sent “present” moment called “now”.

That “past, present and future” makes its’ way into our hearts through intuitive (loving) insights backed up by science (the accumulated WISDOM of the AGES, generously SHARED), and the teachings of WHOLE-hearted REASON which has been gifted to current generations by SOUND minds made WELL.

That such PRINCIPLES are unadulterated by vested interests, so that “Beauty so Old, and so New” can be clearly seen and known SIMULTANIOUSLY as “TRUTH” (“GOD”, in another word).

That MINDFULNESS intuits that “As Above, so Below” can be expanded or contracted “ad infinitum” from macro and micro positions without error, when LOVE is the Ground, or Bedrock of our FAITH, and Belief - in Ourselves (plural).

That HENCEFORTH, misogynistic ill-thinking should be replaced by UNIVERSAL VALUES, which seek to enhance the unique personhood of each and every being capable of GOOD THOUGHT, and that the role of women should be raised to not less than that of men, as EQUALS.

…. Dear Robyn and Readers, if “I” were in the audience at the 7th Parliament, I would love to learn that LOVE is to be taken seriously, and that the (so-called) “Divine Feminine” is to be EQUATED to the same LEVEL as the (so-called) “DIVINE MASCULINE”, since that is the only way BALANCE works for the GOOD of – ALL.

This is my prayer, my only plea.

I send all of my best wishes from the Heart of Australia !

PS: I intend to add these thoughts to my CPWR blog, with a reference to this post. Thus far, hardly anyone has commented on my blogs for or against; perhaps now “women” will feel empowered to do so.

The clock is ticking, we do not have that many months left to quietly think on these matters, before we get caught up in the excitement of seeing so many people parading their own partial cultures and religions to promote them. But that is not what a Parliament is about.

It is about hearing each other, and making a world of difference, for good reason, to heal the Earth…. As shown on the front cover of the 5th Parliament's Prospectus....

michelcharles said:

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