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posted on 2016-01-21, 5:25 pm

Faith in Women


You might wonder what " I ", a mere "man" can know about "women": I have ALWAYS known that "men" spring from "women", and NOT the other way around. And it seems to "me" that my female ancestors on both sides of my ancestral tree (our mothers side of the equation) have AWAYS known that ! How then have women allowed their men to tell stories which puff themselves "up" while diminishing the role of "women", who labour so hard to bring us all into the world, and work so hard to sustain us until we are weaned off mothers' milk ?

This is not something that women should lord over the men, however, since each one of us is UNIQUELY CREATED, and BOTH male AND female INSIDE. Grown men have their role to play in the procreation process, but that role should not be overstated. Each one of us is required to do our own part in the building up of community (common unity), since it is society and language which lightly bind us together, whether or not we live and-or grow or have the opportunity or inclination to become PARENTS ourselves.

In the English language, at least, our elders who expanded our language for us many generations ago, “conceived” that a “man’ is but part of a “woman”, since both the words for “man” and for “male” are contained WITHIN our words for “woman” and “female”. Well might we wonder as to why the word “He” has been so long associated with our concept of our (unknown) “heavenly creator” or “God” ?

It seems to me, that when it comes to “God”, our heavenly PARENT, we should consider that God is BOTH “he” AND “she” at the very least, and most likely (if at all), very much more besides. If this is the case, then SURELY we should more properly describe “God” as BOTH “She” AND “He”, or even “S-He”, AT THE VERY LEAST.

Those women who have read my other CPWR blogs at , , and will know that I have already had much to say about sex and sexuality etc. I hope that these things have been instructive, although I know that many women will agree with me that these things are COMMON-SENSE solutions to PRACTICAL problems.

To my surprise, NONE of my blogs, have elicited ANY comments. Perhaps the “men in charge” of “their” traditional patriarchal religions have been too busy shoring up their own personal “fiefdoms” and privileges before the 7th Parliament, than to “mix it” with the likes of a “lone voice” like mine ?

Not that mine has been a lone voice, as you will see if you research the following words which make a lot of sense to me:

“ Our God is not a woman, our God is not a man; Our God is both and neither, our God is I Who Am. From all the roles that bind us our God has set us free. What freedom does God give us? The freedom just to Be….

Or you might like the following:

“ I believe for every drop of rain that falls, a flower grows. I believe that somewhere in the darkest night, a candle glows. I believe for everyone who goes astray, someone will come to show the way. I believe, I believe. I believe above the storm the smallest prayer will still be heard. I believe that someone in the great somewhere hears every word. Every time I hear a newborn baby cry, or touch a leaf or see the sky, Then I know why – I – believe!

According to , "I Believe" is the name of the popular song written by Ervin Drake, Irvin Graham, Jimmy Shirl and Al Stillman in 1953. It was written to “offer hope and faith to the populace”, still devastated by World War 2. “I believe” has been sung by many to popular acclaim, and reached the heights of the hit parade globally.

Like the later hit songs of "(Everything I Do) I Do It for You", and "Love Is All Around", “I believe” raised the spirits of people; it touched hearts, and captured the collective “soul” (imagination).

Whether we believe that Frankie Lane’s version of this song ( ) was trumped by Elvis Presley’s singing of it (see ), or not, yet, we “believe”, and “THAT” can and should be, a grand thing. But the fact remains, that each and every artist has performed this song in their own way, and in their own time, by their own right….

When we say “I believe”, that is exactly what we mean – “individually” – because we can speak for no one else. We can deliver our own message, but that message is heard and understood differently by each and every other (according to the gifts which have been dispensed to them at birth, through their ancestry, and by living their own hope-filled, but fallible, lives).

When one is proclaiming “The Word”, it is not in the preacher's power to dictate what the listener hears. God’s providence and grace provides the message that the hearer needs to receive. That is why we should speak using the Language of Love, rather than that of rebuke and condemnation, because “Love is the only Constant of the Universe” (“Only God unchanging IS” !).

And beautiful is that light and love of “Holy Union” ( Φ ), which should not be confused with the practice mere mortals call matrimony, since when it is unequal, it is not holy, nor even union in the true sense. “Sacramental Love” (all that which is “SACRED”) gives and takes voluntarily, and EQUALLY, without compulsion.

Such is the complementary “yin-yang” of “Soul-force”, which is “BOTH” – the weakest AND strongest EQUIVALENCE that is “GΦD” (I am “THAT” I am).

I know I’ve said it before on many forums, but I’ll say it again: As in all things, "flexibility" is the "KEY", along with a "KIND mind", and "KIND actions". Such LOVING trumps all else. There can be no doubt about it !

And “in the end” (all presumptions aside) it matters not (however many punishments may fit the scroll), but that we have run the race of life's living with “LOVE”. If we do that, then "That which is of God in Me, greets that which is of God in Thee" – EQUALLY – and lovingly. What more can we ask (?), for this is BOTH the least AND the most we can do, while we yet live.

# "May this song continue renewing itself from ages to ages, from gathering to gathering, and may this be the earth from which our new growth comes. Amen, AND Ameen, etc !" #