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Peter Johanness... said:


Burl and Meredi... said:

Burl and Meredith Hall are devoted to the idea of religions are diversified and unified. Or, as the United States motto states, "E Pluribus Unim," literally meaning "in the many one." We are authors of 2 books, one unpublished and one self-published. The self-published book is titled, "Sophia's Web: A Passionate Call to Heal Our Wounded Nature." This book speaks directly to the unity behind the diversity of religions on this planet. This book is distributed through Amazon. The url is: We are currently seeking publishers for the next book. The title of this one is "Lover's Path Home." Do not laugh at me! Ok, laugh! The book speaks to awakening through the story and movie titled the "Wizard of Oz." I'm not sure if all of you know much about the story.

"Lover's Path" places the reader, be he man or be she woman, as Dorthy, Dor-Thea, meaning Gift of God, i.e., the Soul. Uncle Henry and Auntie Em are the Godhead. I won't go into the meanings of these names. I could also speak to Dorothy's "friends," the Tin Man, Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion.

I won't get into what these characters represent. I will tell you its all about us. What does the lion signify to you? What did he think he lacked? What about the scarecrow? And, the tin man?

I am currently working on another book, tentatively titled "Returning to Deep Nature."

I am a retired counselor. I am retired due to disability, which is Dementia. I also have a very painful disease called Chrones. As best as I can, I work hard to handle the Dementia by staying active, i.e., reading, writing and getting out of the house. It appears to be helping for one doctor is wondering about the Dementia. I think its evolving slowly, primarily because I am motivated to put out works that hopefully will foster evolution in people and hopefully lead to a future filled with love and peace.

Donald Chalmers replied:

Dear Burl and Meredith, I hope that you are both well, and keeping busy doing your hearts desire as you lead the people to a future filled with love and peace. You may have noticed that this is the SECOND time that I have had to reinsert my contribution below, since it has been DELETED TWICE now. Anyway here it is again:

In 2009, I was co-opted to speak as "a campaigner for equal rights within religion" at the 5th Parliament of the World's Religions, which happened to be held in my own hometown, of Melbourne, Australia, as shown on page 202 of the Parliament's Program, after hassling CPWR for a couple of years for the right to speak.

I posted off a 3.88kg airmail package from Melbourne to CPWR's Executive Director Rev Dirk Ficca on April 8th 2008 to indicate to him that I hoped that my earlier expression of interest was serious, and not to be fobbed off. The package contained many laminated A4 copies of my "Peace and Harmony" Word, Character and Symbol picture-puzzle Artwork of Love, for Love's sake, with its "Life's Lessons" poetic accompaniment, backed with other materials collected and presented at my website and etc.

In the event, I was able to prepare another 500 or so extra copies of my work and collections, and was able to distribute them by speaking personally to other attendees, speakers, and stall-holders. Among whom were Swami Amarananda and Dr Sakena Yacoobi, mentioned separately here. I trust that by this means that my work has now been distributed world-wide, so that "wound-wisdom" and the long unappreciated "Wisdom of Solomon" will be appreciated, and brought to the fore, when dealing with (unholy) religious extremists and their sycophants.

I had another opportunity for international and intergenerational conversations at the 20th World AIDS Conference several years ago when it was held here in Melbourne, also – see . Again, I was literally able to speak to some hundreds of people from around the world at the “Global Village” information hub, and was able to distribute about 300 more copies of my “Peace and Harmony” picture-puzzle laminations.

After the closing ceremony, whilst I was talking to the young Nigerian Dr, a young girl from Africa somewhere rushed up to hug me to thank me for inspiring her with my laminations. That was lovely, and more than I expected !

The young Dr and I had only just met, and we had been discussing homophobia in Africa, and transgender issues etc in the light of the insights I had gained through my creation of my website etc, and that “ALL of us are UNIQUELY created, and BOTH male AND female INSIDE. ALSO, that “man” springs from “woman” and not the other way around, as it is now KNOWN, and proven by Science.

Tangentially viewed (the only "right-angled" way of looking at things, really), the sign we use for "Equals" should not imply one line over, above or below an other (as = ), but should be seen as " ll ", where all people are seen to be working "side by side" and "hand in hand" as they work TOGETHER for the good of COMMUNITY.

Friends, that is the beauty of "wound-wisdom": each wound has to be washed clean and tightly bound to allow the cut to heal from within, and then unwound, cleaned and washed and more lightly bound (held together), until infection is controlled. After periods of close inspection, the wound has to be "unwound" (freed) and exposed to the air, to freely "breathe", so that the scar tissue can regenerate itself into healthy, "Good-God" living and loving "flesh and blood" - "humane" humans - again, so that "All of Life's Benefits and Blessings may be Ours", ALSO.

In 1956, I was able to masquerade as a High School student for one day, due to my tallness, and my older sister's encouragement in the charade. We Secondary School students went off on the train supervised by teachers, so as to see track and field events then in progress at Melbourne's Olympic games, the first to be held in Australia. I had a wonderful time, and was not detected. You can read about this at , or see footage of this (1 hour 42 minutes).

The Melbourne Games were dubbed the "friendly games" due to a change in the pre-planned closing ceremony discussed at etc. Rather than marching per Nation, Olympians of all countries "intermingled", which set the stage for lifelong friendships between athletes, proudly marching side by side. And this came from the letter of a boy - see .

Just tonight (28th January 2018), I watched the TV program "The Super Rich and US" – see , where "Jacques Peretti looks at how our work life was made deliberately more unstable in the 70s to drive a new 80s profit culture, and how an acceptance for huge executive bonuses was manufactured". This is something that the Parliament of the World's Religions should be calling out - "WRONG" !

" I trust, hope and pray that CPWR WILL call INEQUALITY for what it is; A BLIGHT on humankind, which shames and depletes us. The only good use excess of money can be put to is in PHILANTHROPY, so that GOOD WORKS can happen, without any expectation of return. But ideally, money should be used to create meaningful employment, so that each and every one can with dignity "hold their own" and "do their bit" to uphold the values espoused in the Parliament's own GLOBAL ETHIC – see etc.

Those in-it-for-profit should be thrown out on their ear; "their" profit should not be at the expense of "The People" (God's people) who do all the work, at the coal-face of industry. Free-loading elites should be “cast out” from their ivory towers, and given the chance to get their hands honestly dirty. Since I believe that there is no hate or fear in LOVE, I do believe that should the elites grown rich on common property wish to face the guillotine rather than to work for the mutual support of all, then they should be afforded every opportunity to pull the rope – themselves.

INEQUALITY NOW, and SEXUALITY and GENDER issues should be the focus of the thinking of 7th Parliamentarians.

One way, which came to my mind in the last few days, was that at least one half of the time spent at the 7th Parliament of Toronto, individuals should be dressed "incognito" so that they are prevented from swanning around all mitred and coifed, and wearing ceremonial clothes all the time.

Irreligious "religious" tradition, custom or (bad) habit "puffs up" those who indulge in it daily. If a uniform cannot be taken off, it is detrimental to the health of families and nations. Everyone deserves "FREE time", lest they become accustomed to the (unequal) power it affords. When this unequal power "raises" one over and above others all the time, it is a millstone (I believe, at least), so that the only way is DOWN to the pit.

Thus it is my fervent hope and prayer that the 7th PARLIAMENT will become known as the FRIENDLY PARLIAMENT, because that is what “ EQUALITY “ is all about; “ ll “ rather than “ = “, even as we promote CPWR’s “Global Ethic” at .

Chauncey98 said:

Hello fellow Parliamentarians, my name is Bailey, a pluralist and theology student at Valparaiso University. I first learned of the parliament while doing research in the first Parliament in 1893. I have submitted a program proposal and am anxious to hear back.

I am a firm believer in the need for interfaith dialogue, a force that could bring a better understanding of G(g)od(s) to the masses. I personally am a pluralist but my roots go deep into the Christian gnostic tradition which has branched out into using what I have learned into Islam.

AamirMunirlyb replied:

Welcome Sir , Hope to see you in Toronto ..

nisut said:

Em hotep (in peace)!

Nice to see that a forum has been created, and hopeful there'll be more to come as the 2018 Parliament gets closer. My name is Tamara, and I attended the Chicago 1993, Cape Town, and Barcelona Parliaments; unfortunately I was unable to make it to Melbourne or to Salt Lake because of health issues. However I am on the mend and hopeful to join you in Toronto. I am the founder and current Nisut of the Kemetic Orthodox Religion (; I was involved in presentations in Chicago and Cape Town, and was part of the Assembly group that talked about the issues of international debt and other economy related problems in Barcelona. On a personal level I am completing my doctoral dissertation in religion (specifically on Coptic Studies and their connections to the pharaonic religion of Egypt) at Claremont Graduate University (ABD last year and hoping to be done by the end of 2019). I am Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) and Métis by birth and culture, but do not claim to speak for either of those Peoples.

I was located in Chicago with my temple, the House of Netjer, from 1989-2012 but am now in Portland, Oregon. Nice to "meet" up with all of you once again and deities willing, see you in Toronto soon!


monjelaicoencuragua said:

Disabilities arent obstacles for to live my monastic way of live.
For more visit my vídeos at:
I am fundamentally a monk this is my profession.I help my community taking care of the ill.And I am a preach-coholic.

Cassim PEER said:

Dear Friends
We are unable to attend this Parliament session due to some family commitments.
We have TWO tickets and would like to offer these at a Discount. $200 US each.
Please let me know if any of your Friends, Organizational Members, Family or interested parties would like to Purchase these.
Thank you
My contact details are:
Mobile No. +61433149869
Email: [email protected]

AamirMunirlyb replied:

Do you have Tickets from the upcoming Events ?? i.e November 1-7 2018??

[email protected] replied:

Yes, I have 2 tickets. Please call me at 205-215-1031. My name is Oscar Stephenson

DakotaEverard said:

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AamirMunirlyb said:

Greetings to you All ,

My Name is Aamir Munir , I am working in Consultant Construction Company as Projects Coordinator , activist , Blogger and passionate towards one Theme "There Can be Peace Among followers of different faiths through tolerance" .

[email protected] said:

My name is Oscar Stephenson and I am not going to be able to attend the conference in Toronto. If anyone would like to register in my place please let me know and we can negotiate a fee. Thanks.

Paula Atlansky said:


Attending this Parliament of World Religions has been a calling for me, so I am thrilled to be going!

I am a full time public school teacher and Master's/Ministerial student who is looking to share a room I have booked near the Toronto Convention Center for Nov.1-5 (five nights checking out on the 6th).

Female roommate. please. No smoking. Even if you cannot stay all five nights, let's still talk, okay?

[email protected] said:

I have 2 paid registrations for the conference that I would like to transfer to someone else. If you are interested or know of someone else who is, please call me at 205-215-1031. My name is Oscar Stephenson, and my wife Mary and I are going to be unable to attend the conference as planned. Thanks.

[email protected] said:

I would like to transfer to 2 paid registrations for $150 each or best offer. My name is Oscar Stephenson at 205-215-1031.

Anil Gill said:

My Name is Anil Henry Gill i am entrepreneur running my firm with the name of Synergy Concerns, i am active and volunteer member of National Council for interfaith Dialogue, working for the peace and harmony between different religion in Pakistan, building bridges and fill gaps through dialogue and promoting peace among different religions through different religious festival celebration,seminar,workshops across country.I have applied for the visa and i am really looking forward to attend this event for my personal and spiritual growth and so that i can apply all these learning in my home country where inter faith harmony is very much needed

clarksam2929 said:

frugal living life style would help you to make balance between your expenses and income. Please follow us if you are walking on the same path

Morgana said:

Hallo this is Morgana writing. I am from the Netherlands.

PWR Toronto will be my 3rd Parliament - my first was in Barcelona/ 2004 and the last one in Salt Lake City/ 2015.

I will be representing URI/ United Religions Initiative and will probably be found most of the time at our hospitality suite during the parliament. Do come along and me us and check out which workshops, panels etc URI people will be involved in. My interests lie in Earth Spirituality and I am involved in environmental issues and indigenous folk.
We are visible on Facebook under:
URI Environmental Network:
URI Global Indigenous Network:
Please share your story, projects and so on.

See you soon in Toronto!
May peace and love prevail!

abundancetrek said:

This is going to be a great POWR. I am John Wilde from Whitesboro NY, near Utica. I recently was certified by the Spiritual Paths Institute as an InterSpiritual Mentor. SPI is headed by Dr. Edward Bastian. You can read all about this wonderful project at In 2002 I began the so-called retirement phase of my life after serving as a Pastor at 6 different Presbyterian Church USA congregations in New Jersey, Michigan and New York. I advocate for compassion, peace, justice and sustainable abundance at the website I began in 1999 > Currently I am devoted to mindfulness and meditation practice under the guidance of a Zen Buddhist Monk and a Spiritual Director who live nearby. See you soon.


JeanDE said:

Toronto will be my 2nd POWRs & I'm super excited to meet many from around the world.
Since it doesn't appear any trips to local attractions are being arranged thru the Parliament wondering if anyone else is getting in early & interested to join in a tour of Casa Loma Thursday November 1st. Contact me if you want to share a cab. I'm staying at a B&B in Cabbagetown. Thinking to get out there by 11am & stay til 230pm that should get us back in time for the Parliament Opening.

Arzoo Zaheer said:

I am a woman who believes in herself and who likes managing daily struggles offered by her society. I am an immigrant to Canada and I am a colored woman; so obviously, I face more challenges than the rest. I have multiple interests because my IQ is built this way. I am a Technical Writer, a Marketing Writer, and an Event Planner by profession. During my spare time, I act as a creative writer, a poet, and a Spoken Words performer. I am also a telepath; I believe that telepathic ability was passed to me by my ancestors. I receive lots of lucid dreams that later come true; and, this is how I ended up solving a local crime case. I have just finished writing my first book, "Intertwined", which will have lots of prose that is created through Lucid Dreams. Lucid Dreams are my most precious aspect because I know that only exceptional people receive these kinds of dreams; and, thus experience dimensions other than the ones we live in while we are awake. I love connecting with intelligent and nice people. I am looking forward to attending the Parliament of Religions.

Professional Blog:
Writing and Poetry Blog:

Stay safe and to do this stay close only to your best friends!

JeanDE replied:

Greetings Arzoo! Would love to meet up. Our group from Philadelphia area plans to have distinctive tags & meet an hour before the Opening Plenary near that location so hoping you plan to be there & can find us in the crowds.

Arzoo Zaheer replied:

Hello Jean, I would love to meet with you. I just sent you a message from my email [email protected]. Regards!

nataz said:

Thanks for having me aboard