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February 2015

2018 Parliament

posted on 2016-11-05, 2:12 am

Share your excitement for the next Parliament of the World’s Religions!

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This is a once-in-a-lifetime journey for me to be with so many like-minded supporters of individualized spiritual freedom, and I look forward to the energizing effect of being face-to-face with you all as well as the chance to make new lifetime friends. I'm especially excited to experience your responses to my new book, The Work of Love: re-discovery of connection and belonging, which seems to be timed to fit well with the theme. (

Hi David, glad to see your interest in this gathering. It will be my first as well and i'm thrilled to meet like-minded people!

I have registered for the Parliament and now find that I will not be able to attend. Anyone wanting to register at the early bird rate can take my registration, please let me know and it will be transferred to your name.

Hi all. I just submitted my proposal to do a presentation. I hope it will be accepted. The title is Philanthropic Deeds: Enduring Justice through Divine Powers. It is based on my book 7 Ways to Obtain Divine Gifts & Powers.

Greetings! I'm looking forward to attendance as a certified candidate from the United Methodist Christian tradition! And, I desire to experience all the world has the offer. I recommend the New York Times Bestseller, Inner Engineering: A Yogi's Guide to Joy, by Sadhguru. And, I'm reading Ignatian Workout for Lent in conjunction in the spirit of reflection and contemplation in preparation for our Easter. See you in Toronto! Feel free to communication via my cell, if you'd like to grab coffee, USA ph #336.972.3340

I have register myself too and really excited and looking forward for the event and want to see how the faith based people can be in harmony and can bring peace in the world.

I have registered for the Parliament and now find that I will not be able to attend so is it possible to transfer my registration to my daughters name so that she can attend on my behalf

Cassim PEER 
Dear Friends
We are unable to attend this Parliament session due to some family commitments.
We have TWO tickets and would like to offer these at a Discount. $200 US each.
Please let me know if any of your Friends, Organizational Members, Family or interested parties would like to Purchase these.

Thank you


My contact details are:

Mobile No. +61433149869


Sorry you can not attend. Do you still have tickets to transfer? Are they for the whole conference?

Hello, I, too, unfortunately cannot attend the Parliament after purchasing a ticket for $150. I am happy to transfer the ticket to someone else for the cost of $150. Bargain! Please contact me at:

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