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Melbourne 2009

Share your memories of the 2009 Parliament of the World’s Religions in Melbourne, Australia

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Donald Chalmers said:

Since my report on the 2009 Melbourne Parliament has been deleted AGAIN recently in 2019, I am not sure that the following is an exact rendering of my original submitted early in 2018, but it certainly does contain the "essence":

Here is my reminiscence of that grand opening day, and its' aftermath, where "Courage meets with Compassion":

“We” could have heard a “pin” drop, when
“She” – all the way from Afghanistan – Truly spoke at
Melbourne’s 2009 Parliament of the World’s Religions
Before the multitudes…. Gathered.

“Humble” she was, and
To the humbled she spoke, to
That Gathering of Clans, of
Multitudinous colour….

But who was it that truly listened ?
It was “I” – Lord it was “I” !
The unworthy “I” who followed
Her every truth-full utterance.

And it was “ I ” who stole a
Private moment – with “Her” – as
We sat – side by side – in public view.
Dr. Sakena Yacoobi was her name.

So pale and drawn in her doleful black,
She radiated “Sun” to all who came.
But it was to the humbled “I” she singled out –
To “touch” – with her grace.

We exchanged gifts beyond understanding, and
Friends we were. No doubt !
“She” – in her own time and place, and
“Me” – unworthy – but returned to mine.

I was also privileged to meet and converse with Swami Amarananda. As I understand it, he was a qualified Engineer before taking a religious role, representing the Hindu religion to the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.

We also exchanged gifts, and he honoured his promise to correspond with me upon his return there. He confirmed to me that (in his own words) "LOVE… is the immutable foundation on which to build anything which is of enduring worth".

His 2009 book “Views from a Vedantic Window” was replete with sound advice. In preparing these notes on my memories of the 2009 5th Parliament of the World's Religions, I have been pleased to view Swami Amarananda speaking at .

I trust that Swami Amarananda and Dr Sakena Yacoobi are still in fine health, as am I, years beyond my expected use-by date, and that their common-sense positions will be promoted in future conversations about religions, above and beyond the huff and puff of puffed up "leaders" in-it for profit, at the expense of others.

The GOLDEN RULE is the common thread of GOODNESS which draws us all TOGETHER. Amen and Ameen, etc etc !!!!