| Parliament of the World's Religions
The signatories listed below endorse the Global Ethic as individuals, not on behalf of their organizations.  Their job titles and organization's names are included for identification purposes only.


Signature Job Title Organization Name City Country Religious Group Religious or spiritual tradition (Write-in) Comments Pre-5th Directive
Jeff Wolfe Houston United States Christianity
Thomas M. Lemberg Tampa United States Not Listed (Write-in) Spiritual but not religious
Ardeshir Irani FEZANA Farmington Hills United States Zoroastrianism
I am proud to support the expanded Global Ethic as an investment for our future generations.
Pravrajika Vrajaprana Vedanta Society Santa Barbara United States Hinduism
John F. Haught Vero Beach, Florida United States Christianity
Tehemton Mirza London Canada Zoroastrianism
Lea Basch Boulder United States Buddhism
Bill Douglas Boulder United States Buddhism
Nancy Gillis Boulder United States Buddhism
Nicki Dayley Boulder GreenFaith Circle Boulder United States Buddhism
Elizabeth Ursic Phoenix United States Christianity
DIANNE DILLON-RIDGLEY Iowa City United States Christianity
Having worked on the drafting of The EARTH CHARTER in the 1990's, I appreciate how imperative it is that we continue, as one human family, to establish and expand global agreements and commitments for the future of humanity. Not as some "global government" but rather as a sober recognition that with seven billion plus people on our fragile beautiful planet we need deep levels of cooperation, understanding and support among all cultures and communities. More true now in 2018 than when I first said it before the Earth Summit in 1992..."It is time TO 'MOTHER' EARTH"!
Sally Blaser Boulder Insight Meditation Lafayette United States Buddhism
James D McClure BOULDER United States
May humanity gain the wisdom and commitment to protect the earth and all its creatures.
Christine Lincoln Boulder United States Buddhism
I'm grateful for the opportunity to endorse all five of these commitments. In particular, I wholeheartedly welcome the addition of the fifth - the commitment to a culture of sustainability and care for the Earth. Thank you to the Parliament of the World's Religions.
Lester B Ronick GS&M Boulder United States Atheism/Agnosticism
Daniel Mikelberg Toronto Canada Judaism
Kathy Konecki Santa Fe United States
Mary Evelyn Tucker Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology New Haven CT United States
It is wonderful to see the new 5th directive responding to the ecological crisis.
Thank you for your work on this!
Laurel Bergman Redwood City United States Judaism
Grandmother Flordemayo The Path Inc Estancia United States Blessings of Love and Light
Dr. Thomas Riplinger Gomaringen-Stockach Germany Christianity
This fifth direction represents an important updating of the original declaration, concretizing its implications in the context of the manifold threats to world peace and well-being emergent in the current world-wide backlash against reform efforts.
valeria clark 1978 COLD SPRING United States
Robin Kimberly Runora Mavis Fridley United States
Lynne Marie Meyer Chicago United States Unitarian Universalist
Margaret Small Fort Collins United States
Alastair R Moodie GLASGOW United Kingdom Unitarian Universalist
GORDON S COOPER Bremerton United States Not Listed (Write-in) Ancient Order of Druids in America One planet, no backup. TIme to plan and act accordingly!
Jennifer Battaglia 1973 SEFFNER United States
Harm J. Hartmans Amsterdam Netherlands
John Corvus Huculiak Hamilton Canada
Barbara Takashima San Diego United States
Richard Tetreau Toronto Canada Rastafarianism
Bruce McCarter, Psy.D. Ahimsa Institute Great Barrington United States
Karin Dean Ocala United States New Thought
Laura A. Stewart Centers for Spiritual Living Central Point United States
Kathryn Moase United Church of Canada Toronto Canada Christianity
Sara Tucker Pacific Palisades United States
Diane F Brown Universalist Unitarian Church of Peoria Peoria United States Not Listed (Write-in) Unitarian Universalist Association
Let us dedicate ourselves to a world that supports all humans of all genders, that All have the necessities of life: clean water and air, food, shelter and health care. May religion be a bridge to peace and justice!
Stephen A Perkins Michigan City, IN United States Christianity