| Parliament of the World's Religions
The signatories listed below endorse the Global Ethic as individuals, not on behalf of their organizations.  Their job titles and organization's names are included for identification purposes only.


Date Signature Job Title Organization Name City Country Religious or Spiritual Group Comments
09. 18. 2018 Nigel Dower Honorary Lecturer University of Aberdeen Aberdeen United Kingdom Quaker Universalist
I welcome the fifth principle of sustainability. This brings this declaration more into line with the Earth Charter's comprehensive ethical vision - both statements being the product of extensive inter-cultural dialogue.
08. 09. 2018 Robert P. Sellers Chair of the Board if Trustees Parliament of the World’s Religions Abilene United States
10. 12. 2018 Mark Waters Professor McMurry University Abilene United States Christianity
10. 31. 2019 Peter Paulus Marnocha Educator/Spiritual Guide Mahavira Yoga Ada United States Interspiritual
02. 15. 2019 Tad Philips retired teacher Adelaide Australia Humanism I'm fully supporting these principles.
12. 21. 2018 Kathleen Nolan, OP Coordinator of the Office of Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Adrian Dominican Sisters Adrian United States Christianity
09. 23. 2018 Huey-li Li Professor akron United States
I appreciate the Parliament's efforts and wholeheartedly endorse the expanded global ethic.
11. 06. 2018 Zach Freidhof Big Love Network Akron United States
12. 28. 2018 Peter Yuichi Clark Alameda, CA United States Christianity
11. 09. 2018 Crystal Muldrow Sr. Minister Unity Church in Albany Albany United States New Thought
08. 16. 2018 joseph prabhu Professor (Emeritus) Southern California Parliament of Relgions (SCCPWR) Altadena United States Christianity I am happy to endorse the expanded Global Ethic
12. 29. 2018 Gernot Häublein author & editor Altfraunhofen Germany Christianity
11. 03. 2018 Deborah Hill-Davis Minister Unity Church of Ames Ames United States
08. 28. 2018 Maria Heim Professor Amherst College Amherst United States Humanism
11. 07. 2018 Cathy Derezinski Self-Determination Consultant Inclusa Amherst Junction United States
10. 22. 2018 Harm J. Hartmans Amsterdam Netherlands
08. 31. 2018 Anantanand Rambachan Professor of Religion Saint Olaf College Apple Valley United States Hinduism A much needed addition to the Global Ethic
08. 28. 2018 Christopher H. Petyers President 7th Generation Fund Arcata United States Indigenous Tradition
11. 01. 2018 Nikhil Bumb Associate Director FSG Arlington United States Jainism
12. 28. 2018 Anne Stine Founder Wilderness Rites Ashland United States Earth based Buddhism
With a full hearted endorsement of the expanded Global Ethic; the care for our mother earth is the most fundamental of all, without this, there is no future as we might envision it for ourselves and other life forms. Let us act now with compassion and kindness for all life.
08. 21. 2018 M. Ajisebo McElwaine Abimbola Co-founder Ifa Heritage Institute Atlanta United States Yoruba
11. 01. 2018 Alexandra J. Zinnes Teacher Kashi Atlanta Atlanta United States
11. 01. 2018 Jeffrey M Genung President Contemplative Life Austin United States Christianity A constitution for humanity
11. 04. 2018 C. Clay Boykin Founder Men's Fellowship Network Austin United States New Thought
12. 30. 2018 Pathiranage Don Padmasiri Administrative Officer Sri Lanka Council of Religions for Peace Bandaragama Sri Lanka Buddhism
At a time that major human problems are on the rise due to social, political, economic and climatic change that bring about a sense of uncertainty on the existence of human race, the time has come to get together and reach at a long term solution through a concrete mechanism on the collective rationale and consensus. I think that this endorsement of Global Ethic will go a long way to fulfill this objective.
11. 29. 2019 Dr Jacob E John Bangalore India Christianity

This is very well presented and thought through.
I do hope that his becomes mandatory for every University and College, every student, researcher and professor.
01. 02. 2020 Dr E C John Prof Dr United Theological College Bangalore India Christianity A global Ethic remains a foundation for the destiny of Humanity
12. 29. 2018 Dr. Miriam Devlin, SMIC Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception Bangor United States Christianity
08. 08. 2018 David F. Hales Chair of Climate Action Parliament of the World's religions Bar Harbor United States
The Climate Action Task Force of the Parliament is privileged to be part of the process of adding this critical new element to the Global Ethic.
04. 10. 2021 Tanja Moog-Zimmer teacher Bassenheim Germany Christianity
11. 10. 2018 Vicki Toale Professor Molloy College Bay Shore United States Christianity
12. 29. 2018 Coen Reijntjes Beetsterzwaag Netherlands Christianity
11. 08. 2019 Allen R LeCours US. Postal employee N/A Belchertown United States Christianity Peace !
09. 28. 2018 Toshikazu Kenjitsu Nakagaki President Heiwa Peace and Reconciliation Foundation of New York Bellerose, NY United States Buddhism
We have responsibility for taking care of our own earth with wisdom and compassion.
11. 03. 2018 John Francis Duggan Chaplain Belleville Canada Christianity
10. 30. 2018 Rev Lauren J Van Ham Dean The Chaplaincy Institute Berkeley United States Interfaith
08. 17. 2018 Whitney A. Bauman Associate Professor of Religious Studies Florida International University Berlin Germany Atheism/Agnosticism
11. 20. 2018 Martin Wittau Vice President German Federal Association for Sustainability Berlin Germany
11. 21. 2018 Peter Schier International Delegate and Speaker Global Ethic Foundation Berlin Germany Christianity
I whole-heartedly endorse the expanded Global Ethic Declaration. The "new" commitment to a culture of sustainability and care for the Earth is a re-discovery of the thousand-year-old ethical standard of the popular indigenous belief systems all over the Earth that human beings are just a small part of nature and creation and that humans should respect and live in harmony with nature and all other creation. The culture of sustainability and care for the Earth is not only a common ethical norm in religion but also reflected in philosophy, for example the "ecological imperative" of Hans Jonas.
09. 15. 2019 Marion Werling-Barth Teacher Friedrich Schiller Gymnasium Ludwigsburg Bietigheim Germany
So glad that so many people are fighting for global ethics - we’ll never give up, let’ s get cracking!