| Parliament of the World's Religions
The signatories listed below endorse the Global Ethic as individuals, not on behalf of their organizations.  Their job titles and organization's names are included for identification purposes only.


Date Signature Job Title Organization Name City Country Religious or Spiritual Group Comments
08. 08. 2018 David F. Hales Chair of Climate Action Parliament of the World's religions Bar Harbor United States
The Climate Action Task Force of the Parliament is privileged to be part of the process of adding this critical new element to the Global Ethic.
08. 09. 2018 Robert P. Sellers Chair of the Board if Trustees Parliament of the World’s Religions Abilene United States
08. 09. 2018 Dr. Daniel A. Gomez-Ibanez Former Executive Director Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions Madison United States
08. 14. 2018 Dan Smyer Yu Professor/Director Center for Trans-Himalayan Studies, Yunnan Minzu University, China Wooldland United States
I'm very happy to have the opportunity to make my contribution to the revision process and will continue to endorse the Parliament's Global Ethics!
08. 15. 2018 Dr. Fred Van Dyke Executive Director Au Sable Institute Mancelona United States
08. 16. 2018 Vinay Lal Professor UCLA Los Angeles United States
08. 16. 2018 Hans Gustafson, PhD Director / Faculty Jay Phillips Center for Interfaith Learning, University of St. Thomas Minnesota United States
08. 18. 2018 Richard B. Miller Laura Spelman Rockefeller Professor of Religious Ethics University of Chicago Chicago United States I am pleased to endorse this important expansion of the Global Ethic.
08. 24. 2018 Samuel Awuah-Nyamekye Associate Professor University of Cape Coast Cape Coast Ghana
08. 27. 2018 James D McClure BOULDER United States
May humanity gain the wisdom and commitment to protect the earth and all its creatures.
08. 29. 2018 Karen Armstrong Author London United Kingdom
08. 31. 2018 Donald B. Benson Consultant/Professor Spector & Associates Portland United States
08. 31. 2018 Jan Elfers President Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon Portland United States I am happy to endorse this.
08. 31. 2018 Kathy Konecki Santa Fe United States
08. 31. 2018 Sarah E. Robinson-Bertoni Lecturer Santa Clara University Santa Clara United States
How timely to extend ethics of reciprocity, humane treatment, peace, and justice to include the whole of the living world, as human-nature interdependence and ecological responsibility become starkly clear with climate challenges. May earth life prevail, gentle rains return to drought-dry and desert lands, and balance be restored.
09. 01. 2018 Pratima Desai Board Member Emeritus Lusaka Zambia
09. 03. 2018 Mary Evelyn Tucker Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology New Haven CT United States
It is wonderful to see the new 5th directive responding to the ecological crisis.
Thank you for your work on this!
09. 04. 2018 Susan Davison Director HHEA Vista United States In support and honor of the commitments.
09. 05. 2018 Vandana Shiva Founder Navdanya Dehradun India
09. 14. 2018 Hugh Locke President Smallholder Farmers Alliance Port-au-Prince Haiti
09. 16. 2018 Grandmother Flordemayo The Path Inc Estancia United States Blessings of Love and Light
09. 19. 2018 valeria clark 1978 COLD SPRING United States
09. 19. 2018 MR LEWIS LANCASTER Professor (Emeritus) U of California, Berkeley SEBASTOPOL United States
09. 21. 2018 Rev. Dr. Serene Jones President Union Theological Seminary New York United States
09. 23. 2018 Huey-li Li Professor akron United States
I appreciate the Parliament's efforts and wholeheartedly endorse the expanded global ethic.
09. 26. 2018 Renate Amin independent collaborator Global ethic foundation Tübingen Germany
09. 26. 2018 Fletcher Harper Executive Director GreenFaith Highland Park United States
10. 11. 2018 Robin Kimberly Runora Mavis Fridley United States
10. 14. 2018 Wendy Wood PhD Co-Founder The Karuna Center for Mindful Engagement Mendocino United States
10. 15. 2018 Kathrine Wood Priest Palm desert United States
10. 16. 2018 Margaret Small Fort Collins United States
10. 18. 2018 Jennifer Battaglia 1973 SEFFNER United States
10. 22. 2018 Harm J. Hartmans Amsterdam Netherlands
10. 24. 2018 Gerthe Lamers Chair Handvest voor Compassie NL Lochen Netherlands
10. 28. 2018 John Corvus Huculiak Hamilton Canada
10. 29. 2018 Barbara Takashima San Diego United States
10. 31. 2018 Rev. Linda Finley Spiritual Director Center for Spiritual Living Eugene United States
11. 01. 2018 Bruce McCarter, Psy.D. Ahimsa Institute Great Barrington United States
11. 01. 2018 Laura A. Stewart Centers for Spiritual Living Central Point United States
11. 01. 2018 Alexandra J. Zinnes Teacher Kashi Atlanta Atlanta United States