| Parliament of the World's Religions
The signatories listed below endorse the Global Ethic as individuals, not on behalf of their organizations.  Their job titles and organization's names are included for identification purposes only.


Date Signature Job Title Organization Name City Country Religious or Spiritual Group Comments
08. 16. 2018 Kuzipa Nalwamba Project Consultant (Strategic Planning) Council for World Mission Pretoria South Africa Christianity
08. 16. 2018 Dr. Homi B. Dhalla Founder President World Zarathushti Cultural Foundation Mumbai India Zoroastrianism
08. 16. 2018 Bob Kikuyu Senior Theology Advisor Christian Aid Nairobi Kenya Christianity
08. 16. 2018 Philip Clayton President Claremont United States Quaker
08. 16. 2018 Ardeshir Irani FEZANA Farmington Hills United States Zoroastrianism
I am proud to support the expanded Global Ethic as an investment for our future generations.
08. 16. 2018 Vinay Lal Professor UCLA Los Angeles United States
08. 16. 2018 Myriam Renaud Principal Investigator and Project Director: Global Ethic Project Parliament of the World's Religions Paris France Unitarian Universalist
08. 16. 2018 joseph prabhu Professor (Emeritus) Southern California Parliament of Relgions (SCCPWR) Altadena United States Christianity I am happy to endorse the expanded Global Ethic
08. 16. 2018 Kaleb Nyquist Steering Committee Member Young Evangelicals for Climate Action Chicago United States Christianity
08. 16. 2018 Hans Gustafson, PhD Director / Faculty Jay Phillips Center for Interfaith Learning, University of St. Thomas Minnesota United States
08. 16. 2018 Anne Walter Director Drepung Gomang Center for Engaging Compassion Louisville United States Buddhism
May this expanded Global Ethic continue the work begun at its initial writing in 1993, and be a greater beacon for a more just world.
08. 16. 2018 Pravrajika Vrajaprana Vedanta Society Santa Barbara United States Hinduism
08. 16. 2018 Christopher Chapple Doshi Professor Loyola Marymount University Los Angeles United States Yoga and Meditation We must take action to thrive.
08. 17. 2018 Whitney A. Bauman Associate Professor of Religious Studies Florida International University Berlin Germany Atheism/Agnosticism
08. 17. 2018 ibrahim özdemir Visiting Professor of Islamic Studies Åbo Akademi University Turku Finland Islam
Today, we all live in the age of globalization, democracy, and information. However, the depressing fact is that, despite the advances in technology and mass communication of the second half of the 20th century, despite mass travel, the intermingling of races, the ever-growing reduction - or so we believe - of the mysteries of our world, misunderstandings, prejudices, and stereotypes among members of different faiths and cultures still endure.
This reveals both challenges and also opportunities for us. We can turn these challenges into new opportunities and hopes for humanity if we can deal with the new phenomenon of diversity and multiculturalism with a creative mind.
Therefore, I do hope that Towards a Global Ethic (An Initial Declaration) will a wake-up call for many and a foundational text for the work ahead of us.
08. 17. 2018 Ahmad Abedi Sarvestani Associate Professor Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Gorgan Iran, Islamic Republic of Islam
In the hope of observing the global ethical principles and standards in human relationships and human-nature interaction.
08. 17. 2018 David Rosen International Director, Interreligious Affairs AJC Jerusalem Israel Judaism
08. 17. 2018 Prof Danie Veldsman HOD, Dept of Dogmatics University of Pretoria Pretoria South Africa Christianity
08. 17. 2018 John F. Haught Vero Beach, Florida United States Christianity
08. 17. 2018 Galen Guengerich Senior Minister All Souls Unitarian Church New York United States Unitarian Universalist
08. 17. 2018 Nathan Katz Bhagwan Mahavir Distinguished Professor of Jain Studies, Emeritus Florida International University Miami United States Judaism I am happy to sign on.
08. 17. 2018 Marcus Braybrooke Joint President World Congress of Faiths Oxford United Kingdom Christianity
Reaffirming the Global Ethic is of great importance in our troubled world. I am glad due attention to the environment and the rights of animals is now included
08. 18. 2018 Fazlun Khalid Director Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Science Birmingham United Kingdom Islam A movement for change
08. 18. 2018 Richard B. Miller Laura Spelman Rockefeller Professor of Religious Ethics University of Chicago Chicago United States I am pleased to endorse this important expansion of the Global Ethic.
08. 19. 2018 Teresia Mbari Hinga Associate Professor Santa Clara University ,Religious Studies Dept Santa Clara United States African/Christian
May the fifth directive become ,yet another wake up call for all to become better stewards of each other and for planet earth, our common home
08. 20. 2018 Dan McKanan Emerson Senior Lecturer Harvard Divinity School Somerville, MA United States Unitarian Universalist
08. 20. 2018 Steven Bouma-Prediger Leonard and Marjorie Maas Professor of Reformed Theology Hope College Holland United States Christianity
08. 20. 2018 Bruce Grelle Professor of Comparative Religion and Humanities California State University, Chico Chico United States Christianity
08. 20. 2018 Allison Stokes Founding Director Women's Interfaith Institute Seneca Falls, New York United States Unitarian Universalist
A commitment to a culture of sustainability and care for the Earth, our common home, is an imperative of our time. I am grateful to those who have taken the initiative on this and am happy to sign the expanded Global Ethic..
08. 20. 2018 Sarah M Goss Director National Council for Science and Faith Lebanon United States Christianity
08. 20. 2018 ZORRO SANCHEZ Associated Professor University of Los Andes Bogota Colombia Christianity
I appreciate that even non religlous people have the possibility to endorse the Global Ethic.
08. 20. 2018 Wm. Andrew Schwartz Executive Director Center for Process Studies Claremont United States Christianity
08. 20. 2018 Rev. Dr. Perry Hamalis Cecelia Schneller Mueller Professor of Religion North Central College Naperville United States Christianity The Global Ethic's 5th Directive has my enthusiastic endorsement.
08. 20. 2018 Tehemton Mirza London Canada Zoroastrianism
08. 21. 2018 John H. Armstrong Founder The Initiative Carol Stream United States Christianity Thanks for this wonderfully important statement.
08. 21. 2018 Joshua M. Feigelson Dean of Students University of Chicago Divinity School Chicago United States Judaism
08. 21. 2018 Huaiyu Wang Associate Professor Georgia College & State University Statesboro United States Confucianism
08. 21. 2018 John H. Berthrong professor Boston University Vancouver Canada Unitarian Universalist Good and important work.
08. 21. 2018 Leonard Swidler Professor Dialogue Institute at Temple University Philadelphia United States Christianity
08. 21. 2018 Wande Abimbola Founder Ifa Heritage Institute Oyo Nigeria Yoruba