| Parliament of the World's Religions
The signatories listed below endorse the Global Ethic as individuals, not on behalf of their organizations.  Their job titles and organization's names are included for identification purposes only.


Date Signature Job Title Organization Name City Country Religious or Spiritual Group Comments
10. 14. 2018 Bhavesh Bhagat CHAIRMAN Confident Governance LEESBURG United States Hinduism
08. 22. 2018 Bhikkhu Bodhi Chair Buddhist Global Relief Carmel United States Buddhism
This is a thoughtful and comprehensive statement, whose principles should be endorsed by anyone with a conscience and a concern for the future of humanity.
09. 19. 2018 Bhikkhu Sagarananda Tien Secretary US Zen Institute Germantown United States Buddhism
08. 25. 2018 Bill Douglas Boulder United States Buddhism
11. 07. 2018 Bishop Mark Elliott Newman, OC Presiding Bishop Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch Phoenix United States Christianity
01. 11. 2019 bob flynn it wchc darien United States
08. 16. 2018 Bob Kikuyu Senior Theology Advisor Christian Aid Nairobi Kenya Christianity
03. 07. 2020 Boumi Bernard Nurse Ghana health service Nkwanta Ghana Christianity Good
12. 01. 2020 Brian Rullo Pittsburgh United States Christianity
04. 21. 2021 Bruce Fred Knotts Director UUA Office at the UN New York United States Unitarian Universalist
08. 20. 2018 Bruce Grelle Professor of Comparative Religion and Humanities California State University, Chico Chico United States Christianity
10. 19. 2018 Bruce Johnson Minister Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Duluth Duluth United States Unitarian Universalist
11. 01. 2018 Bruce McCarter, Psy.D. Ahimsa Institute Great Barrington United States
11. 04. 2018 C. Clay Boykin Founder Men's Fellowship Network Austin United States New Thought
01. 14. 2021 C.Süßmuth Student Lüdenscheid Germany Christianity
I think it is an important and necessary step to include an ecologic responsibily in the declaration as well, because its urgency is currently growing.
09. 04. 2018 Carol A. McVetty Interim Executive Minister American Baptist Churches, Metro Chicago Chicago United States Christianity
12. 28. 2018 Carole Briggs Retired MADISON United States Unitarian Universalist
10. 17. 2018 Caroline Bader Director of Living the Change GreenFaith/Living the Change Mannheim Germany Interfaith
04. 22. 2021 Carolyn R. Luce The Guild For Spiritual Guidance Asheville United States
10. 28. 2018 Caterina Arends Life Coach / Psychotherapist HigherVision Coaching San Antonio United States White Eagle Lodge
08. 14. 2018 Catherine Keller Professor of ConstructiveTheology Drew U. New York United States Christianity
10. 24. 2018 Catherine Starr Chaplain University of Toronto Toronto Canada Paganism
11. 07. 2018 Cathy Derezinski Self-Determination Consultant Inclusa Amherst Junction United States
08. 31. 2018 Cawas J Desai Founder President Zoroastrian Asscn of PA & NJ Center Valley United States Zoroastrianism
12. 28. 2018 Cecilia Bendall Ms New Town Australia
12. 29. 2018 Celeste Rututo Project coordinator World Vision Mozambique Maputo Mozambique Christianity
02. 07. 2020 Charles A McDonald Intelligence Analyst Study of Spiritual Warfare Jacksonville United States Christianity
The term Christianity is too broad, just as the Title "European" would include all the nations that have had been in conflict with each other such as Spain and England; Germany and France, Christianity includes Catholics that executed other Christians. The very title "Protestantism" reveals the divide within Christianity. There are too many denominations but there are six major groups: Roman Catholic; Orthodox; Reformed; Protestant; Evangelical; and Independent. Each alone have over 100 million members, which deserve separate status, Just as religions based on Hinduism: Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism are listed separately. You don't need to define it just allow signers the choice. Given the choice I would select "Evangelical".
11. 02. 2018 Charles M.Taylor CEO/Spiritual Leader Charles & Shakira Unlimited Sunrise United States Integral Christianity
09. 19. 2018 Chihfen Lee Occupational therapist NYC DOE Fair Lawn United States Buddhism
09. 27. 2018 Christina Leano Associate Director Global Catholic Climate Movement Boston United States Christianity Grateful to be able to support such an important initiative.
08. 27. 2018 Christine Lincoln Boulder United States Buddhism
I'm grateful for the opportunity to endorse all five of these commitments. In particular, I wholeheartedly welcome the addition of the fifth - the commitment to a culture of sustainability and care for the Earth. Thank you to the Parliament of the World's Religions.
11. 15. 2018 Christine Muise Priest Diocese of BC Parksville Canada Christianity
08. 16. 2018 Christopher Chapple Doshi Professor Loyola Marymount University Los Angeles United States Yoga and Meditation We must take action to thrive.
08. 28. 2018 Christopher H. Petyers President 7th Generation Fund Arcata United States Indigenous Tradition
11. 05. 2018 Christy Kyle Pollock l Instructional Designer Fayetteville, Arkansas United States
12. 29. 2018 Coen Reijntjes Beetsterzwaag Netherlands Christianity
10. 28. 2018 Cristina Seaborn Media and Communications Team Chair Urantia Book Fellowship Saint Cloud United States Urantia
11. 09. 2018 Crystal Muldrow Sr. Minister Unity Church in Albany Albany United States New Thought
01. 08. 2021 Crystal R Tafralian witch Gaylord United States Paganism
08. 20. 2018 Dan McKanan Emerson Senior Lecturer Harvard Divinity School Somerville, MA United States Unitarian Universalist