| Parliament of the World's Religions
The signatories listed below endorse the Global Ethic as individuals, not on behalf of their organizations.  Their job titles and organization's names are included for identification purposes only.


Date Signature Job Title Organization Name City Country Religious or Spiritual Group Comments
11. 02. 2018 Arun Wakhlu Director Pragati Leadership Pune India
11. 02. 2018 Susan Janan Hagstrom Director of Undergraduate Advising UC Berkeley Oakland United States
11. 02. 2018 Sara Tucker Pacific Palisades United States
11. 02. 2018 Harald Evers Lawyer European-Humanistic Educational Foundation Dresden Germany
11. 03. 2018 Thomas Donlin-Smith Professor Nazareth College Rochester, NY United States
11. 03. 2018 Wim van Klinken Kansas City, MO United States
11. 03. 2018 Deborah Hill-Davis Minister Unity Church of Ames Ames United States
11. 04. 2018 Suzan Nolan Activist Gather the Women Rapid City United States
11. 04. 2018 Stefan Weidner Journalist Freelance Köln Germany
11. 04. 2018 Maria Vamvalis Curriculum Developer OISE Toronto Canada
11. 04. 2018 Lang Brownlee Instructir, Philosophy & Religion University of Indianapolis Franklin United States
11. 04. 2018 Jean Brownlee RN Franklin United States
11. 04. 2018 Kathryn A Ress Vice President Akron Area Interfaith Council Cuyahoga falls United States
11. 05. 2018 Dr Julianne Robertson, Esq. General Counsel Washington International Spiritual Center Washington United States
11. 05. 2018 Christy Kyle Pollock l Instructional Designer Fayetteville, Arkansas United States
11. 05. 2018 Dede Walton Hendersonville United States
11. 05. 2018 Nissa Blocher Philadelphia United States
11. 05. 2018 Dr. Narendra Bhalodkar Dr. Bronx Lebanon Hospital New Hyde Park United States
It is a document that is sincere and committed to its goal.
I applaud Parliament’s initiative and wish lots of success.
Scriptures proclaim that an initiative with goal of serving people and nature at large will find heavenly support from unknown and unexpected directions.
Best wishes.
11. 06. 2018 Amber D Sidwell Educator SLCC Taylorsville United States
11. 06. 2018 Thomas malcolm Pynn Sr. Lecturer in interdisciplinary studies Kennesaw state university Kennesaw United States
11. 06. 2018 Zach Freidhof Big Love Network Akron United States
11. 07. 2018 Susan L. Genge Minister of Kingsview United Church Kingsview United Church, The United Church of Canada Oshawa United States
11. 07. 2018 Cathy Derezinski Self-Determination Consultant Inclusa Amherst Junction United States
11. 08. 2018 Martha OConnor Toronto Canada
11. 20. 2018 Martin Wittau Vice President German Federal Association for Sustainability Berlin Germany
12. 28. 2018 Cecilia Bendall Ms New Town Australia
12. 29. 2018 David Garrido Masmitjà Dream Mentor L' Hospitalet de Llobregat Spain
12. 29. 2018 Ronald L. Boyer Doctoral Student Graduate Theological Union & UC Berkeley Santa Rosa United States
I applaud the Parliament on this much needed additional 5th principle of ethics concerning environmental and climate justice. Our global society faces an unprecedented crisis today and the collective voices and wisdom of millions of good-hearted individuals and organizations will be required to address these crises, for the sake of all future generations. As Noam Chomsky and many others have warned, we are fast reaching the tipping point to species extinction, either quickly by nuclear annihilation (the revelations this week concerning Russia's newly proclaimed advancement in hypersonic nuclear missiles as but one indicator) or gradually through continued and increasing predation of the Earth Mother's precious resources resulting in an unsustainable development and undermining of the climate and all this catastrophically entails. I am proud to be a signatory to this addition of environmental justice as a guiding principle of an emerging new ethos embodied in the Parliament's articles and respectful of the rights of unborn future generations to a decent life on this beautiful sphere.
12. 30. 2018 Elisabeth Gerle Dr Professor Lund University Lund Sweden
12. 31. 2018 Joy Kennedy Canadian Interfaith Fast for the Climate Toronto Canada Many Faiths, One Planet. Let us Make Peace with Earth.
01. 08. 2019 Molly Horan Director of Communications and Publications Parliament of the World's Religions Homewood United States
It is inspiring to support the revitalization of the Parliament's commitment to promoting this unparalleled handbook for life!
01. 08. 2019 Paul Copp Professor University of Chicago Chicago United States
01. 11. 2019 bob flynn it wchc darien United States
02. 12. 2019 N. Büchler Weltethos-Institut Tübingen Germany
02. 14. 2019 Michael Wihlenda CEO World Citizen School @Weltethos-Institut Tübingen Germany
The Global Ethic builds the fundamental basis of the World Citizen School and functions as orientation and coordination of all volunteering activities of socially-engaged student and their initiatives at the Weltethos-Institut at the University of Tuebingen.
02. 19. 2019 Hans-Josef Weiß Frankenthal Germany
09. 15. 2019 Marion Werling-Barth Teacher Friedrich Schiller Gymnasium Ludwigsburg Bietigheim Germany
So glad that so many people are fighting for global ethics - we’ll never give up, let’ s get cracking!
10. 31. 2019 LeGrace Besnon Associate Editor Journal of Haitian Studies Ithaca United States I applaud this significant addition to the Global Ethic
11. 04. 2019 Sophia Mijat Student Divine Child High School Dearborn United States
12. 10. 2019 Rafael Bustos García de Castro Senior Lecturer Universidad Complutense de Madrid Madrid Spain
An excellent idea to include this 5th Directive, it was already latent in the initial Declaration, I think, but not as explicitly asserted as now it is. Congratulations! Let's hold to it. I wish I am able to pass the lesson to my students in Spain.