The signatories listed below endorse the Global Ethic as individuals, not on behalf of their organizations.
Their job titles and organization's names are included for identification purposes only.


Signature Job Title Organization Name City Country Religious Group Religious or spiritual tradition (Write-in) Comments
Elisabeth Gerle Dr Professor Lund University Lund Sweden
Pathiranage Don Padmasiri Administrative Officer Sri Lanka Council of Religions for Peace Bandaragama Sri Lanka Buddhism
At a time that major human problems are on the rise due to social, political, economic and climatic change that bring about a sense of uncertainty on the existence of human race, the time has come to get together and reach at a long term solution through a concrete mechanism on the collective rationale and consensus. I think that this endorsement of Global Ethic will go a long way to fulfill this objective.
Joy Kennedy Canadian Interfaith Fast for the Climate Toronto Canada Many Faiths, One Planet. Let us Make Peace with Earth.
Leslie Gabriel Mezei Interfaith Minster Universal Worship Toronto Canada Not Listed (Write-in) Universal Worship
Molly Horan Director of Communications and Publications Parliament of the World's Religions Homewood United States
It is inspiring to support the revitalization of the Parliament's commitment to promoting this unparalleled handbook for life!
Paul Copp Professor University of Chicago Chicago United States
Rebecca J Blanton Communications Coordinator Office for Global Peace and Spirituality (Westminster College) Salt Lake City United States Not Listed (Write-in) Spiritual
I fully endorse the expanded Global Ethic; with a commitment towards cultivating peace with our planet, we will be better able to establish peace between all living things
Dr Jayesh Shah Research Strategist Free Lance Vadodara India Hinduism I endorse expanded global ethics fully.
bob flynn it wchc darien United States
Adrienne Fox Interfaith Minister Westby United States Not Listed (Write-in) Interfaith, Sacred Geometry
I support the recognition of common shared ethics among all human beings, while honoring diversity and equality and freedom.
Nazarina Jamil Lecturer Universiti Malaysia Sabah Labuan Malaysia Islam
Dr. Christopher Gohl Research Assistant Global Ethic Institute Tübingen Germany Judaism
I am happily dedicated to the Global Ethic Project of building shared ground for a better world. I believe the Global Ethic Declaration testifies to the unifying aspiration of the diverse human family to cooperatively exercise and cultivate voluntary responsibility aimed at the dignity of all fellow human beings. As a list of values, the Global Ethic commitments are a list of desirable orientations that is attractive to anyone identifying as a human being among other fellow human beings and (a) looking for proven ways to get along well with them, especially in diverse or intercultural settings, and / or (b) looking for cosmopolitan purpose and guidance in building a better world with others. – As an ethic in the traditional sense of ethos – an attitude of character, an embodied disposition to act a certain way – Global Ethic commitments take the form of cosmopolitan virtues that shape and shade all habitualized and creative action. – Finally, as a practice, Global Ethic is the capacity for dialogue, built in the confluence of practicing all the commitments together. In Küng's tradition, the capacity for dialogue is central because it combines the steadfastness of religious truths with a readiness to learn and transform towards peace. And it is central for Global Ethic philosopher Claus Dierksmeier as the practice of globally responsible freedom as a method, as the exercise of procedural and participatory liberty.
N. Büchler Weltethos-Institut Tübingen Germany
Michael Wihlenda CEO World Citizen School @Weltethos-Institut Tübingen Germany
The Global Ethic builds the fundamental basis of the World Citizen School and functions as orientation and coordination of all volunteering activities of socially-engaged student and their initiatives at the Weltethos-Institut at the University of Tuebingen.
Tad Philips retired teacher Adelaide Australia Humanism I'm fully supporting these principles.
Hans-Josef Weiß Frankenthal Germany
Martin Priebe - Profit mit Moral Entrepreneur Martin Priebe - Profit mit Moral Stuttgart Germany Christianity
As an observant christ I am very grateful about this global ethic declaration! As business ethics is my core topic, I want to support the Global Ethic the best I can.
Jock McClellan Professor Emeritus Woodstock, CT United States Not Listed (Write-in) Seeking Thank you.
Linda Robinson Spiritual Director Mrs. Langhorne United States Christianity Blessings on your work!
Rev. Joy-Ellen Lipsky, CCP, PMP, CCM Board Chair Silicon Valley Interreligious Council San Jose United States Not Listed (Write-in) Interfaith
Grace McClain Washington United States Buddhism Shanti
Kelly Murphy Mason Senior Minister UU Society of Wellesely Hills Wellesley, MA United States Unitarian Universalist
Tobias Selinger Director of Studies Trier Germany Christianity
I am searching for the common roots and ideas in all religions, cultures and philosophical systems -
there is so much to share!
Behind of all our manmade separations "we all are one" !
My highest respect for your honourable work!
Now - in the year 2019 - we need a world ethos even more!
Nazarina Jamil Lecturer Universiti Malaysia Sabah Labuan Malaysia Islam
Marion Werling-Barth Teacher Friedrich Schiller Gymnasium Ludwigsburg Bietigheim Germany
So glad that so many people are fighting for global ethics - we’ll never give up, let’ s get cracking!