| Parliament of the World's Religions
The signatories listed below endorse the Global Ethic as individuals, not on behalf of their organizations.  Their job titles and organization's names are included for identification purposes only.


Date Signature Job Title Organization Name City Country Religious or Spiritual Group Comments
12. 10. 2019 Rafael Bustos García de Castro Senior Lecturer Universidad Complutense de Madrid Madrid Spain
An excellent idea to include this 5th Directive, it was already latent in the initial Declaration, I think, but not as explicitly asserted as now it is. Congratulations! Let's hold to it. I wish I am able to pass the lesson to my students in Spain.
12. 13. 2019 H.H. Christina New York United States Russian Orthodox Christianity
01. 02. 2020 Dr E C John Prof Dr United Theological College Bangalore India Christianity A global Ethic remains a foundation for the destiny of Humanity
01. 26. 2020 Austin Avison Student of Religion Detroit United States Christianity For a more perfect world to all of existence.
01. 28. 2020 Matthew R. Hill Student Saint Louis University Houston United States Christianity
02. 02. 2020 Vernon Robin Piedt Director Bridge town theater company Cape town South Africa Christianity Yes I want to make a difference..and I agree with the above statement
02. 06. 2020 Rev. Dr. Vilius Rudra Dundzila, OCC interim minister Wellington Ave UCqr Palos park United States Christianity
02. 07. 2020 Charles A McDonald Intelligence Analyst Study of Spiritual Warfare Jacksonville United States Christianity
The term Christianity is too broad, just as the Title "European" would include all the nations that have had been in conflict with each other such as Spain and England; Germany and France, Christianity includes Catholics that executed other Christians. The very title "Protestantism" reveals the divide within Christianity. There are too many denominations but there are six major groups: Roman Catholic; Orthodox; Reformed; Protestant; Evangelical; and Independent. Each alone have over 100 million members, which deserve separate status, Just as religions based on Hinduism: Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism are listed separately. You don't need to define it just allow signers the choice. Given the choice I would select "Evangelical".
02. 07. 2020 Stacey R Kadrmas Stillwater United States
02. 22. 2020 La Ly Hudge School Nurse Public Schools Santa Rosa United States New Thought I support Global Ethics from myself, and all human beings.
02. 26. 2020 Marie-Françoise Lecuivre Enseignante Ecole Communale d'Hélécine Hélécine Belgium Christianity
02. 26. 2020 Sr. Petite Lao, RNDM Religious Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions Toronto Canada Christianity I fully endorse the 5th Directive and I am delighted it was added.
02. 26. 2020 Rebecca K Roebig Bishop United States Buddhism
03. 03. 2020 Anne Lee Founder Lee's Family-Holistic Idealism Education Foundation Coquitlam Canada
Dear the Global Ethics Board of Committees.
Thank you for your invitation for me to join in your future action plan on the Global Ethics Project.
I am working on this project to support with your action plan now.
I look forward to contact with you soon.
Best regards,
Szu Ying Anne Lee
Founder of Lee's Family-Holistic Idealism Education Foundation
03. 07. 2020 Boumi Bernard Nurse Ghana health service Nkwanta Ghana Christianity Good
07. 06. 2020 Dobromił Kozłowski Reformowany Kościół Katolicki w Polsce Poznan Poland Christianity
07. 16. 2020 Jutta Faasen Kerpen Germany Christianity
07. 28. 2020 Jagmel Singh Khalsa Com.inginer Jagmel Singh Khalsa Nagrota Bagwan India Thanks for your.
08. 12. 2020 Ravi Singh Chairman Next Generation CORAL SPRINGS United States Sikhism
In 1993, I had the honor to sign the Global Ethic Declaration on behalf of Generation X'ers. I feel blessed by Waheguru to have signed such an historic document on behalf of my entire generation. The Parliament of World Religions has had a profound impact on my life. Sat Sri Akhal !
12. 01. 2020 Brian Rullo Pittsburgh United States Christianity
01. 01. 2021 Michael Spath Executive Director Indiana Center for Middle East Peace Fort Wayne United States
01. 02. 2021 Kuldip Singh Volunteer Guru Nanak Ashram Patiala India Sikhism
01. 08. 2021 Crystal R Tafralian witch Gaylord United States Paganism
01. 14. 2021 C.Süßmuth Student Lüdenscheid Germany Christianity
I think it is an important and necessary step to include an ecologic responsibily in the declaration as well, because its urgency is currently growing.
02. 14. 2021 Dr. Michael Schober Catholic Theologian Hildesheim Germany Christianity
03. 04. 2021 Janice E Tufte Educational Consultant Hassanah Consulting Seattle Washington 98122 United States Islam
The implementation of these called out Global Ethics would definitely improve the quality of life for millions. We as global citizens can start with small steps to help to alleviate poverty and individually learn more about the root causes of poverty to then take action at greater level.
03. 19. 2021 Alice Yvonne Corneil Student Universtiy London Canada Christianity
04. 01. 2021 BALAMURUGAN AYOB President Tamil Religion Association Of Malaysia SUNGAI PETANI Malaysia Tamilism
04. 01. 2021 Rev. Eric W. Robinson Ordained Unity Minister Association of Unity Churches Martinsville, IN United States Christianity
I was Ordained in 1993 by the Association of Unity Churches. I further obtained the Master of Theological Studies degree from Christian Theological Seminary in 1996, in Indianapolis Indiana. I have actively served as a minster, speaker, and class facilitator and in many other ministerial capacities over the years. I have published the book "Metaphysics for Christians - Towards a Pluralistic Unity of Humankind" (Copyright 1995. ISBN:1-57502-118-8). For more information concerning my book and/or my availability for speaking engagements or seminars, please contact me directly at
PEACE & LOVE - Rev. Eric Wayne Robinson
04. 03. 2021 Vittorio Albert van Bijlert lecturer VRIJE UNIVERSITEIT AMSTERDAM THE HAGUE Netherlands Bit of Christianity, bit of Hinduism, bit of Buddhism
04. 10. 2021 Tanja Moog-Zimmer teacher Bassenheim Germany Christianity
04. 14. 2021 Rev. Charlotte London Bear Chaplain, Mentor Climate Reality Project Ben Lomond United States Paganism
04. 15. 2021 Justin Tondt Norfolk United States