| Parliament of the World's Religions
The signatories listed below endorse the Global Ethic as individuals, not on behalf of their organizations.  Their job titles and organization's names are included for identification purposes only.


Signature Job Title Organization Name City Country Religious Group Religious or spiritual tradition (Write-in) Comments Pre-5th Directive
Roger S. Gottlieb Professor of Philosophy Worcester Polytechnic Institute Boston United States New Thought May the good spirits be with us!
George B Handley Professor of Interdisciplinary Humanities Brigham Young University Provo United States Christianity
Catherine Keller Professor of ConstructiveTheology Drew U. New York United States Christianity
Bruce Grelle Professor of Comparative Religion and Humanities California State University, Chico Chico United States Christianity
Peter G Kirchschlaeger Professor for Theological Ethics University of Lucerne Lucerne Switzerland Christianity
John T. Pawlikowski, OSM, Ph.D Professor Emeritus of Social Ethics Catholic Theological Union Chicago United States Christianity Sustainability must become a core element of humanity's global vision
Robert Cummings Neville Professor emeritus Boston University Milton United States Confucianism
S. Wesley Ariarajah Professor Emeritus Drew University School of Theology Geneva Switzerland Christianity I welcome this important addition to our common commitment.
Jock McClellan Professor Emeritus Woodstock, CT United States Not Listed (Write-in) Seeking Thank you.
Sallie B King Professor Emerita James Madison University Washington United States Not Listed (Write-in) Buddhism and Religious Society of Friends (Quaker)
Stephanie Kaza professor emerita University of Vermont Portland United States Buddhism
joseph prabhu Professor (Emeritus) Southern California Parliament of Relgions (SCCPWR) Altadena United States Christianity I am happy to endorse the expanded Global Ethic
MR LEWIS LANCASTER Professor (Emeritus) U of California, Berkeley SEBASTOPOL United States
Vinay Lal Professor UCLA Los Angeles United States
John H. Berthrong professor Boston University Vancouver Canada Unitarian Universalist Good and important work.
Leonard Swidler Professor Dialogue Institute at Temple University Philadelphia United States Christianity
Samaneh Oladi Professor Virginia Commonwealth University Richmond United States Islam
Acharya Judith Simmer-Brown, Ph.D. Professor Naropa University Boulder United States Buddhism Thank you for giving me a chance to endorse this!
Maria Heim Professor Amherst College Amherst United States Humanism
Emily Welty Professor Pace University New York City United States Christianity
Susannah Heschel Professor Dartmouth College Newton United States Judaism
Ingrid Mattson Professor Huron University College London Canada Islam Grateful for the leadership who wrote the text of the global ethic.
Karma Lekshe Tsomo Professor University of San Diego San Diego United States Buddhism The Global Ethic sustains us all in peace, equity, and loving kindness.
Muhammed Haron Professor University of Botswana Gaborone Botswana Islam
this is a significant document should not be ignored but be readily endorsed by all; it charts out pathways into the future.
Huey-li Li Professor akron United States
I appreciate the Parliament's efforts and wholeheartedly endorse the expanded global ethic.
Mark Waters Professor McMurry University Abilene United States Christianity
Thomas Donlin-Smith Professor Nazareth College Rochester, NY United States
Vicki Toale Professor Molloy College Bay Shore United States Christianity
Paul Copp Professor University of Chicago Chicago United States
Ghulam Haider Aasi Prof. Lutheran Shool of Theology Chicago United States Islam
Johannes Rehm Prof Dr. Nürnberg Germany Christianity
Dr E C John Prof Dr United Theological College Bangalore India Christianity A global Ethic remains a foundation for the destiny of Humanity
Myriam Renaud Principal Investigator and Project Director: Global Ethic Project Parliament of the World's Religions Paris France Unitarian Universalist
Azad Kumar Kaushik Prifessir World Brahman Federation Canada Morriston Canada Not Listed (Write-in) Hindu Sanatan Dharma
I endorse globsl ethics document in support of tolerance for co-existence, sustainability and giving hope to next generations.
Kathrine Wood Priest Palm desert United States
Reverend Gena L. Davis Priest YogaMass, Inc. Houston United States Christianity
Christine Muise Priest Diocese of BC Parksville Canada Christianity
Bishop Mark Elliott Newman, OC Presiding Bishop Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch Phoenix United States Christianity
Sally G. Bingham President emeritus TRP/Inerfaith Power and Light San Francisco United States Christianity
Rév.Felix Manga Dabolo Président Communautaire Communauté Baptiste des Fidèles en Afrique Kisangani Congo, The Democratic Republic of the Christianity