| Parliament of the World's Religions
The signatories listed below endorse the Global Ethic as individuals, not on behalf of their organizations.  Their job titles and organization's names are included for identification purposes only.


Date Signature Job Title Organization Name City Country Religious or Spiritual Group Comments
08. 27. 2018 Eleanor Pontoriero Lecturer Department for the Study of Religion, University of Toronto, Canada Toronto Canada Buddhism

08. 27. 2018 Christine Lincoln Boulder United States Buddhism
I'm grateful for the opportunity to endorse all five of these commitments. In particular, I wholeheartedly welcome the addition of the fifth - the commitment to a culture of sustainability and care for the Earth. Thank you to the Parliament of the World's Religions.
08. 27. 2018 Grace Burford Associate Chaplain for Buddhist Programs, Director of the Davidson Meditation Initiative, Coordinator of Interfaith Programming Davidson College Davidson United States Buddhism
08. 27. 2018 Andras Corban-Arthen Chair, Site Selection Committee Parliament of the World's Religions Williamsburg United States Paganism
08. 27. 2018 Rohinton Rivetna Member Zoroastrian Association of metropolitan Chicago HINSDALE United States Zoroastrianism
08. 27. 2018 Kersi B. Shroff Member Zoroastrian Association of Metropolitan Washington Derwood, MD United States Zoroastrianism
08. 28. 2018 Latha Barasch Therapist, educator, Naropa University Boulder United States Buddhism
08. 28. 2018 Maria Heim Professor Amherst College Amherst United States Humanism
08. 28. 2018 Lester B Ronick GS&M Boulder United States Atheism/Agnosticism
08. 28. 2018 Daniel Mikelberg Toronto Canada Judaism
08. 28. 2018 Rabbi Dr. Rachel S. Mikva Herman Schaalman Chair in Jewish Studies, InterReligious Institute Sr. Faculty Fellow Chicago Theological Seminary Chicago United States Judaism
08. 28. 2018 Christopher H. Petyers President 7th Generation Fund Arcata United States Indigenous Tradition
08. 28. 2018 Michael E. Summers Professor of Planetary Science and Astronomy George Mason University Clifton United States Christianity
I am pleased to endorse the expanded Global Ethic which calls for a commitment to a culture of sustainability and care for the Earth.
08. 29. 2018 Karen Armstrong Author London United Kingdom
08. 30. 2018 Naomi Lanoi Leleto Women Land Rights Kenya Land Alliance Narok Kenya African Traditional We must protect Mother Earth!
08. 30. 2018 Irène Kaigetsu Kyojo Bakker Teacher and founder Zen Spirit Haalderen Netherlands Buddhism Spread the word. So necessary. Thank you!
08. 30. 2018 Sydney Musai Walter Roshi White Plum Asangha Santa Fe United States Buddhism
08. 30. 2018 Peter Wohl Senior priest Treetop Zen Center Oakland United States Buddhism
08. 30. 2018 Aristotle Papanikolaou Archbishop Demetrios Professor in Orthodox Theology and Culture Fordham University Bradford United States Christianity
08. 30. 2018 Jane Jishin Faysash Sensei Southern Palm Zen Group Boca Raton United States Buddhism
Florida faces more coastal flooding as a result of rising sea levels and the possibility of more powerful hurricanes as a result of climate change. It is our duty to care for the earth in a sustainable way that benefits all sentient beings.
08. 31. 2018 Robert Cummings Neville Professor emeritus Boston University Milton United States Confucianism
08. 31. 2018 Emily Welty Professor Pace University New York City United States Christianity
08. 31. 2018 Anantanand Rambachan Professor of Religion Saint Olaf College Apple Valley United States Hinduism A much needed addition to the Global Ethic
08. 31. 2018 Helen R. Spector Board Member Emeritus Spector & Associates LLC PORTLAND United States Judaism
I applaud the efforts of the Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions to maintain towards a Global Ethic as a living document, and keep it strong in supporting our grassroots, interfaith ethical fabric over the years.
08. 31. 2018 Donald B. Benson Consultant/Professor Spector & Associates Portland United States
08. 31. 2018 Soli Pirojshah Dastur Mobed NAMC Bradenton United States Zoroastrianism Very good Global Ethic.
08. 31. 2018 Jan Elfers President Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon Portland United States I am happy to endorse this.
08. 31. 2018 Cawas J Desai Founder President Zoroastrian Asscn of PA & NJ Center Valley United States Zoroastrianism
08. 31. 2018 Susannah Heschel Professor Dartmouth College Newton United States Judaism
08. 31. 2018 Kathy Konecki Santa Fe United States
08. 31. 2018 Sarah E. Robinson-Bertoni Lecturer Santa Clara University Santa Clara United States
How timely to extend ethics of reciprocity, humane treatment, peace, and justice to include the whole of the living world, as human-nature interdependence and ecological responsibility become starkly clear with climate challenges. May earth life prevail, gentle rains return to drought-dry and desert lands, and balance be restored.
09. 01. 2018 Pratima Desai Board Member Emeritus Lusaka Zambia
09. 01. 2018 Swami Agnivesh Founder Chairperson SARVA DHARMA SANSAD ( PARLIAMENT OF ALL RELIGIONS- INDIA) DELHI India Humanism
I fully endorse the fifth directive. I try to practice all the five directives in my life with utmost integrity.
09. 01. 2018 Xerxes Madan Mobed Mississauga Canada Zoroastrianism
09. 02. 2018 Veena Howard Associate Professor CSU, Fresno Coarsegold United States Hinduism
09. 03. 2018 Mary Evelyn Tucker Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology New Haven CT United States
It is wonderful to see the new 5th directive responding to the ecological crisis.
Thank you for your work on this!
09. 03. 2018 Laurel Bergman Redwood City United States Judaism
09. 04. 2018 Dr. Stephan Schlensog Secretary General Global Ethic Foundation Tuebingen Germany Christianity The fifth directive is an impressive answer to key challenges of our time.
09. 04. 2018 Reverend Tom Capo minister DuPage Unitarian Universalist Church Naperville United States Unitarian Universalist
There is a need for all faith communities to intentionally and routinely address sustainability and climate change. Our planet is in a fragile state and the temperature of the planet has increased due the multiple ways that humans have used/abused the planet resources. This new fifth directive is about reverence for life and continuation of the human species.
09. 04. 2018 Susan Davison Director HHEA Vista United States In support and honor of the commitments.