| Parliament of the World's Religions
The signatories listed below endorse the Global Ethic as individuals, not on behalf of their organizations.  Their job titles and organization's names are included for identification purposes only.


Date Signature Job Title Organization Name City Country Religious or Spiritual Group Comments
09. 19. 2018 MR LEWIS LANCASTER Professor (Emeritus) U of California, Berkeley SEBASTOPOL United States
09. 19. 2018 Chihfen Lee Occupational therapist NYC DOE Fair Lawn United States Buddhism
09. 19. 2018 Sylvie Sun Board member Buddhist Global Relief Fort Lee United States Buddhism
09. 19. 2018 Bhikkhu Sagarananda Tien Secretary US Zen Institute Germantown United States Buddhism
09. 20. 2018 Sak Tsin Yee Teacher Sandakan Malaysia Buddhism
09. 20. 2018 Julia C. M. Willke Head of Educational Programmes Global Ethic Foundation Tübingen Germany Christianity
09. 20. 2018 Lynne Taylor artist Laurelwood Art Gaston United States New Thought
09. 21. 2018 Lena Zoller manager Interreligious Affairs and Society Global Ethic Foundation Tübingen Germany Christianity
09. 21. 2018 Rev. Dr. Serene Jones President Union Theological Seminary New York United States
09. 23. 2018 Huey-li Li Professor akron United States
I appreciate the Parliament's efforts and wholeheartedly endorse the expanded global ethic.
09. 24. 2018 Rev. Dr. Wilfred Tyrrell, S.A. Director of the Clark Center for Religion & Social Justice Manhattanville College Purchase United States Christianity
09. 26. 2018 Renate Amin independent collaborator Global ethic foundation Tübingen Germany
09. 26. 2018 Fletcher Harper Executive Director GreenFaith Highland Park United States
09. 27. 2018 Susan B. Hendershot President Interfaith Power & Light San Francisco United States Christianity Thank you so much for your work on this addition!
09. 27. 2018 Shantha Ready Alonso Executive Director Creation Justice Ministries Silver Spring United States Christianity
09. 27. 2018 Christina Leano Associate Director Global Catholic Climate Movement Boston United States Christianity Grateful to be able to support such an important initiative.
09. 28. 2018 Toshikazu Kenjitsu Nakagaki President Heiwa Peace and Reconciliation Foundation of New York Bellerose, NY United States Buddhism
We have responsibility for taking care of our own earth with wisdom and compassion.
09. 28. 2018 Glenn M Jacob executive director New York Interfaith Power & Light New York United States Judaism
09. 28. 2018 Suhag A. Shukla, Esq. Executive Director and Co-Founder Hindu American Foundation Philadelphia United States Hinduism
10. 01. 2018 Matthew Regan (Rev. Bup Hee) Secretary International Buddhist Committee of Washington DC Silver Spring United States Buddhism
10. 02. 2018 Daniel J. Misleh Executive Director Catholic Climate Covenant Washington, DC United States Christianity
10. 03. 2018 Margaret M Diener, OP CPWR Board Member Emeritus Dominican Sisters of San Rafael San Rafael United States Christianity
I celebrate the appropriate and essential expansion of the Global Ethic document.
10. 05. 2018 IAN MEVORACH Professor, Spiritual Leader Emmanuel College, Common Street Spiritual Center NATICK United States Christianity
10. 09. 2018 Anna Tomfeah Communication Rep Global Ethic Institute Tuebingen Germany Christianity
10. 11. 2018 Robin Kimberly Runora Mavis Fridley United States
10. 12. 2018 Mark Waters Professor McMurry University Abilene United States Christianity
10. 13. 2018 Lynne Marie Meyer Chicago United States Unitarian Universalist
10. 14. 2018 Bhavesh Bhagat CHAIRMAN Confident Governance LEESBURG United States Hinduism
10. 14. 2018 Wendy Wood PhD Co-Founder The Karuna Center for Mindful Engagement Mendocino United States
10. 15. 2018 ramasubramanian DIRECTOR DHARMA INSTITUTE CHENNAI India Hinduism
I would like to endorse with a caveat that there is an urgent need to make the global ethical statement into a living, engaging, dynamic dialogue process and not merely a document for celebration. This document needs to engage with the World Trade Organization, the United Nations, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and other such institutions of global nature all of which need to have a more rigorous ethical partner.

I am available in the Parliament in booth no. 510 for furthering this discussion.
10. 15. 2018 Kathrine Wood Priest Palm desert United States
10. 16. 2018 Margaret Small Fort Collins United States
10. 17. 2018 Alastair R Moodie GLASGOW United Kingdom Unitarian Universalist
10. 17. 2018 Caroline Bader Director of Living the Change GreenFaith/Living the Change Mannheim Germany Interfaith
10. 17. 2018 Peter G Kirchschlaeger Professor for Theological Ethics University of Lucerne Lucerne Switzerland Christianity
10. 17. 2018 Sara Jamil Founder/CEO CompassionFirst Richmond Hill Canada Islam
10. 18. 2018 GORDON S COOPER Bremerton United States Ancient Order of Druids in America One planet, no backup. TIme to plan and act accordingly!
10. 18. 2018 Jennifer Battaglia 1973 SEFFNER United States
10. 19. 2018 John P. Martin Missionary Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers Maryknoll United States Christianity
10. 19. 2018 Bruce Johnson Minister Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Duluth Duluth United States Unitarian Universalist