| Parliament of the World's Religions
The signatories listed below endorse the Global Ethic as individuals, not on behalf of their organizations.  Their job titles and organization's names are included for identification purposes only.


Date Signature Job Title Organization Name City Country Religious or Spiritual Group Comments
11. 02. 2018 Arun Wakhlu Director Pragati Leadership Pune India
11. 02. 2018 Susan Janan Hagstrom Director of Undergraduate Advising UC Berkeley Oakland United States
11. 02. 2018 SimonMary Aihiokhai Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology University of Portland Portland United States Christianity
11. 02. 2018 Charles M.Taylor CEO/Spiritual Leader Charles & Shakira Unlimited Sunrise United States Integral Christianity
11. 02. 2018 Sara Tucker Pacific Palisades United States
11. 02. 2018 Diane F Brown Universalist Unitarian Church of Peoria Peoria United States Unitarian Universalist Association
Let us dedicate ourselves to a world that supports all humans of all genders, that All have the necessities of life: clean water and air, food, shelter and health care. May religion be a bridge to peace and justice!
11. 02. 2018 Mohammad Hoda Energy efficiency California Interfaith Power and Light Corona United States Islam
11. 02. 2018 Mykola Latansky President Academy of True Success Kyiv Ukraine Christianity
11. 02. 2018 Harald Evers Lawyer European-Humanistic Educational Foundation Dresden Germany
11. 02. 2018 Janice L. Poss Ph.D. student Claremont Claremont United States Christianity We deserve a global ethic according to Hans Kung and the UNs SDGs.
11. 03. 2018 Alexis Yancey, RScP Religious Science Practitioner Centers for Spiritual Living Dallas United States New Thought We can do this!
11. 03. 2018 Joni Carley Consultant United Religions Initiative Media United States Spiritual but not religious
11. 03. 2018 Tamara Evans Nail Professional Hilliard United States New Thought
11. 03. 2018 Stephen A Perkins Michigan City, IN United States Christianity
11. 03. 2018 Jane M Grovijahn Associate professor of theology & spiritual action Our Lady of the Lake University New braunfels United States Christianity
11. 03. 2018 Richa Agarwala GAITHERSBURG United States Hinduism
11. 03. 2018 Suzanne Kelly Cavan Ireland Christianity
11. 03. 2018 Ruth Sandy Chaplain Swinburne University Melbourne Australia Christianity
11. 03. 2018 Lynn Dornfeld MARYLAND HTS United States Bahá'í The Earth is One Country and Humankind its Citizens
11. 03. 2018 Thomas Donlin-Smith Professor Nazareth College Rochester, NY United States
11. 03. 2018 John Francis Duggan Chaplain Belleville Canada Christianity
11. 03. 2018 Yinessa Romero Corinth United States Christianity
11. 03. 2018 Wim van Klinken Kansas City, MO United States
11. 03. 2018 Deborah Hill-Davis Minister Unity Church of Ames Ames United States
11. 03. 2018 Thomas P Bonacci Executive Director The Interfaith Peace Project Pittsburg United States Interfaith/Interspiritual
11. 04. 2018 Abraham Karickam Asia Secretary General URI KOTTARAKKARA India Christianity
11. 04. 2018 Suzan Nolan Activist Gather the Women Rapid City United States
11. 04. 2018 C. Clay Boykin Founder Men's Fellowship Network Austin United States New Thought
11. 04. 2018 Stefan Weidner Journalist Freelance Köln Germany
11. 04. 2018 Maria Vamvalis Curriculum Developer OISE Toronto Canada
11. 04. 2018 Ted Rooney Brunswick United States Interfaith
11. 04. 2018 Newton Daddow Chaplain Swinburne University Chaplaincy SEAHOLME Australia Christianity
11. 04. 2018 Maria Lucia Uribe Torres Director Arigatou International Geneva Geneva Switzerland Christianity
11. 04. 2018 Gertrude A Jocksch Victoria Canada Christianity
11. 04. 2018 Lang Brownlee Instructir, Philosophy & Religion University of Indianapolis Franklin United States
11. 04. 2018 Andrea Lois Harrison Chaplain United Church of Canada Williamstown Canada Christianity
An incredible privilege to be present at the reading of the 5th directive. Now the imperative is to walk the walk. Thanks be to God. Amen.
11. 04. 2018 Jean Brownlee RN Franklin United States
11. 04. 2018 Rev. Nancy Huslage Raleigh United States Yazidi Interfaith minister
11. 04. 2018 Kathrine Wood Retired priest Episcopal Palm Desert United States Christianity
11. 04. 2018 Kathryn A Ress Vice President Akron Area Interfaith Council Cuyahoga falls United States