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  1. Human Concern International
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    When good intentions and ideas are put to work, amazing things happen. Human Concern International was born when a group of Canadians wanted to make a difference in this world. Their goal was help in whatever small way they could. Little did they know they were sowing the seeds for the first ever Canadian-Muslim charity that would go on to deliver close to $200 million of aid in over 40 different countries. For 38 years now, HCI has been on the ground, providing medical assistance and food aid to Syrian refugees, setting up informal education institutions for Rohingya children, building water wells in the remote villages of Africa, and the list goes on. We believe in a holistic approach to aid and development, which means we have an empowering philosophy towards the communities we serve. Working with local partners, institutions and governments, we rely on their knowledge and expertise to solve problems and tackle poverty. Visit our website,, and join us in our mission to end global poverty and save human lives.

    Address 1: 1110 Finch Ave. W, Suite 220
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    City: North York
    State/Province: ON
    Country: Canada
    Post Code: M3J3J4