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  1. Arizona Faith Network
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    Theological Dialogue: bringing people from various faith traditions together to share scholarly perspectives on various faiths and various issues seen through the lenses of faith. This commission provides the theological grounding for all the programmatic work of AFN through its statements, releases, speeches and gatherings. This commission has recently released a statement on Faith's Response to Racism, which provided the foundation for AFN's series on Faith, Equity & Inclusion appears on the AFN website.

    Public Policy: This commission works on public policy issues that people of faith are concerned about. Most recently, these issues have included immigration reform, spotlight on the injustice of mass incarceration, inequity in the K-12 educational system and lack of affordable housing. This commission does its work through issuance of statements, advocacy around various bills and budget items, convening thought leaders to discuss issues and holding political leaders accountable for their actions.

    Earth Care: This commission is dedicated to bringing heightened awareness and action to the issues of environmental racism. Most recently, the commission has come along side indigenous communities in the fight for water rights and recognition of sacred lands, as well as advocating for fair and just distribution of resources that were granted to the state as a result of the VW bus settlement on pollution and air quality. This commission is also working to bring light to the lingering impacts of the doctrine of discovery on the lives and life chances of indigenous people.

    Phone: 602 468 3818
    Address 1: 1550 E. Meadowbrook Avenue
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    City: Phoenix
    State/Province: AZ
    Country: United States
    Post Code: 85004

    Meaningful relationships, shared prayer, dialogue rooted in faith traditions and actions that influence public policy


    Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, various Christian traditions, Bahai, Hindu, Unitarian Universalist

    Religious and spiritual traditions involved.

    Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, various Christian traditions, Bahai, Hindu, Unitarian Universalist