The Parliament of the World’s Religions was formed in the spring of 1988 to prepare for a centennial celebration of the World’s Parliament of Religions that was held in Chicago in 1893. Formed for the purpose to bring together people of diverse spiritual traditions and philosophical backgrounds, the Council was founded on the following objectives:

  • To convene a Parliament of the World’s Religions in Chicago in 1993.

  • To promote understanding and cooperation among religious communities and institutions.

  • To encourage the spirit of harmony and to celebrate, with openness and mutual respect, the rich diversity of religions.

  • To assess and to renew the role of the religions of the world in relation to personal spiritual growth and to the critical issues and challenges facing the global community.

  • To promote and sponsor conferences, workshops, and studies; interfaith encounters, conversations, and exchanges; publications; exhibits and festivals of religious art, music, dance, and ritutal; and other appropriate activites, in anticipation of and preparation fro the 1993 Parliament.

  • To develop and encourage interfaith groups and programs which will carry the spirit of the Parliament into the 21st century.