The document, A Call to Our Guiding Institutions, served as the centerpiece for the working sessions of the Assembly. The Call—the result of a three-year drafting process—is addressed to eight of the world’s most powerful and most influential institutions, inviting each to reflect on and redefine its role for a new century.

The following institutions are addressed in the document:

  • Religion
  • Government
  • Agriculture, Labor, Industry, and Commerce
  • Education
  • Arts and Communications Media
  • Science and Medicine
  • International Intergovernmental Organizations
  • Organizations of Civil Society

Four draft versions of the document were widely circulated—to an international group of over 500 Assembly members, religious and spiritual leaders, scholars, and representatives of other guiding institutions—for review and comment.

A Call to Our Guiding Institutions draws its principal inspiration from Towards a Global Ethic: An Initial Declaration, the document that provided the essential focus for the 1993 Parliament Assembly in Chicago. Towards a Global Ethic articulated several of the moral and ethical directives held in common by the great religious and spiritual traditions. The Call document brings those directives to bear on the roles and responsibilities of the guiding institutions in the 21st century. At the heart of the Call is the invitation to a process of ‘creative engagement,’ in which religious and spiritual communities, groups, and individuals find new modes of interaction, dialogue, and col- laboration with the other guiding institutions. 

Read the full document here.