Spanning multiple days, 15 different symposia gave participants an opportunity to explore topics in more depth with leading international scholars and practitioners.

Symposia Included:

  • ​Crisis of the Holy: An Interreligious Think-Tank of the Elijah Interfaith Institute
  • Interfaith Education
  • Interfaith Peacebuilding Skills
  • The New Awareness Summit
  • Religion and Conflict Resolution
  • A Dialogue of Civilizations: Islam and the West in Quest of a Just and Peaceful World
  • Religions and International Institutions
  • Religion and Human Rights: Towards a Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the World’s Religions
  • Exploring the Face of AIDS
  • Science and Religion
  • Towards an Interreligious and Intercultural Theology of Liberation
  • The Future of Religion, the Media and Our Communities
  • Digital Storytelling and Appreciative Inquiry as Tools for Peace-Building
  • Abrahamic Reunion: Peacemaking in the Holy Land
  • Interreligious Organizing

Participants enjoyed a stimulating array of 28 musical, theatrical and dance performances.


Over 70 booths provided information on service organizations, educational institutions and cultural groups.

Art Gallery

The Parliament Art Gallery offered the visions of 21 artists from around the world providing fresh, new experiences that explored diverse religious and cultural expressions.


A remarkable series of interactive film-centered programs offered screenings of 16 exceptional, rarely-seen documentaries and world premieres followed by discussions with religious leaders, producers and directors.

Morning Observances

Participants were invited to observe or engage in over 100 religious and spiritual practices, meditations, prayers and reflections from a wide variety of traditions.

Open Spaces

Held each evening, Open Space was a flexible, informal time for participants to extend the conversations that were begun earlier in the day, form a discussion group around areas of shared interest or explore a topic in greater depth.

Parliament Academy

The Parliament Academy was a series of gatherings, programs and discussions geared to participating students and faculty from over 30 colleges, universities and seminaries.

Partner Cities

Sponsored by the Goldin Institute for International Partnership and Peace, activists and religious leaders involved in their Partner Cities Network shared best practices for grassroots organizing.

Off-Site Programs

Opportunities to observe the rich cultural and religious heritage of Spanish Catalonia included tours of Sagrada Familia, a Buddhist temple, museums and local places of worship and spiritual practice.

Speakers Corner and Solidarity Fair

This interactive forum brought together local, national and international non-profits, community organizations and educational institutions to explore how individuals can become involved in local peace efforts and connect with others engaged in similar efforts around the world.

Evening Programs

Communities Night The religious and spiritual communities of Barcelona extended a warm and gracious welcome to members of their own traditions from around the world. Parliament participants were invited to “feel at home” and share in an opportunity for dialogue, observances and hospitality with local members.

Regional Night Hosted in partnership with the United Religions Initiative, the regional night offered Parliament participants an opportunity to meet and dialogue with others from their home region. An accompanying Interreligious Baazar enabled organizations to share their work through a variety of exhibits.