Parliament gatherings offer opportunities to collaborate with individuals, groups, and institutions leading the charge to make the world a more peaceful, just, and sustainable world. At the 2018 Parliament in Toronto, the Parliament of the World’s Religions is partnering with Chicago Theological Seminary to provide attendees unique interfaith and interreligious experiences designed to engage and foster understanding, compassion and love. Learn more about these opportunities below.

-- “The Power of Story”

The InterReligious Institute at Chicago Theological Seminary will be on site at the Parliament, offering video and audio space for you to tell your story. What brought you to Parliament? Why does interfaith work matter? How have you lived the promise of inclusion and the power of love? Stories are being collected and curated as part of a larger project to amplify the many voices committed to interfaith work.

-- “Dismantling Anti-Muslim Bias: A Cohort Experience”

The second initiative is grounded on the importance of justice, specifically on the importance of dismantling anti-Muslim biases in our societies. Chicago Theological Seminary is offering “Dismantling Anti-Muslim Bias: A Cohort Experience” at the 2018 Parliament as a unique opportunity to bring together people of diverse lifestances who are committed to challenging these structures of discrimination. The cohort experience provides four opportunities to gather during Parliament for skill-building and networking. The cohort will meet Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday 1-2 p.m., participants are asked to commit to the entire sequence if possible. Learn more at IRI at Parliament of the World's Religions.

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-- “Learning through the Parliament of the World’s Religion”

Join us for this immersive experience offering rich opportunities for interreligious engagement at the 2018 Parliament of the World’s Religions convening in Toronto November 1 – 7. Through online coursework prior to Parliament, students will identify a particular issue they wish to explore using an interfaith methodology. Working with the instructor, each student will select sessions and workshops that allow a deep dive into their particular issue. The class will meet as a cohort during our time at Parliament. Following the conference, students will create a final research paper or project particular to their issue and engagement at Parliament.

This three-credit course is offered through Chicago Theological Seminary. The instructor is Rev. Lisa Noel Seiwert, MDiv, STM. Graduate students from other institutes are welcome to enroll for credit. Undergraduate students are also welcome to enroll for credit. Students not seeking credit are welcome to audit the course. Visit IRI at Parliament of the World's Religions for additional information. 

To apply, follow this link. For more information or to request a travel stipend, please contact Kim Schultz at Chicago Theological Seminary via email at [email protected].

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