Pre-Parliament Events

Pathways to PoWR 2018

A Pre-Parliament Event Series

Join us as we forge a path toward the 2018 Parliament of the World’s Religions in Toronto Canada. From now until October 2018, the Parliament will be collaborating with local organization events and hosts to showcase themes, documents, declaration, and programs leading up to the forthcoming 2018 Parliament.

We welcome your local religious and spiritual communities to come together to host a local pre-parliament event to offer “a taste of the Parliament experience.

What is a pre-Parliament Event?

In the months leading up to the 2018 Parliament in Toronto, Canada communities around the world will hold Pre-Parliament Events. Pre-Parliament Events will offer “a taste of the Parliament experience,” opportunities to learn more about the 2018 Parliament, and a forum to highlight the work of your local interfaith initiatives.

An event could be held in a conference center, a place of worship, a fellowship hall, a public arena, or a living room. Events could last for a few hours or a few days and can focus on our special constituencies (Women, Next Generation, and Indigenous) or our critical issues (War, Hate & Violence, Income Inequality, and Climate Change). 

Pre-Parliament events must have some element of the program dedicated to the promotion of the 2018 Toronto Parliament event and must provide the Staff with enough time to develop special marketing materials. If you are interested in hosting a Pre-Parliament event or combining your existing event with a Pre-Parliament event, submit the Pre-Parliament Event Registration Form or email us for more information.

Expectations of the Host

  • Submit the Pre-Parliament Event Registration Form 
  • Work with Staff to develop an announcement of the event
  • Work with Staff on developing marketing materials for the event
  • Work with Staff to develop a report of the event (See Post-Event Survey below)
  • Share names and emails of individuals interested in the Parliament with Staff (See Parliament Interest Form below)

Resources for Hosts

Miriam Quezada, our Constituency Development Coordinator, is available through e-mail or at 312-971-3096 to answer any questions you might have. And our Toronto Pre-Parliament Subcommittee Chairs, Bhante Saranpala and Sarah Harrington are also available to answer questions regarding Toronto based events. 

Get Inspired!

Read more about the 2015 Pre-Parliament Events that were organized around the world.

Upcoming Pre-Parliament Events

Pre-Parliament Events from Around the World

  • Spreading Our Wings 2017 (Denver, CO, USA): Announcement -  Report
  • Great Lakes Water Walk (Toronto, ON, Canada): Announcement - Report
  • The Promise of Inclusion, The Power of Love (Lihue, HI, USA): Announcement - Report
  • York Centre Multi-faith Thanksgiving Celebration (Toronto, ON, Canada): Announcement - Report
  • On Our Faith: Sikh Immersion on War, Hate, and Violence (South Richmond, NY, USA): Announcement - Report
  • On Our Faith: Sikh Immersion - Inter Faith Event on Indigenous Peoples (Etobicoke, ON, Canada): Announcement - Report
  • Mosaic Interfaith Annual Peace Meal (Thornhill, ON, Canada): Announcement - Report
  • Exploring Faith Series: Denominations of Islam (Toronto, ON, Canada): Announcement - Report
  • Women of Faith Build (Toronto, ON, Canada): Announcement - Report
  • Interfaith Partnership Circles of Unity Annual Dinner (St. Louis, MO, USA): Announcement - Report
  • Mosaic Interfaith Friday Night Shabbat Service (Thornhill, ON, Canada): Announcement - Report
  • On Our Faith: Sikh Immersion & Depicting Spirituality Through Paintings (Slough, UK): Announcement - Report
  • Mosaic Interfaith Presents "From Abraham: Three Faiths" (Thornhill, ON, Canada): Announcement - Report