Buddhism, Compassion, and Gender Justice | parliamentofreligions.org
Sat, November 3rd, 04:15 PM
05:00 PM

Buddhism, Compassion, and Gender Justice

The challenges facing humanity today are well acknowledged. All our collective energies, skills, and resources are needed to tackle these critical issues in skillful and creative ways. A wise first step is a strong commitment to uprooting injustice and discrimination in all forms: violence against women; social injustices based on gender, class, race, caste, sexual orientation, national origins, religion, political persuasion, and religious beliefs; economic injustice related to unequal opportunities for work and right livelihood; and environmental injustices that unequally affect human beings’ health and well being. The Parliament of World Religions is a powerful space for opening up about sensitive issues that impede human progress, starting with gender injustices and what to do about them. This talk presents compassion and loving kindness, along with a healthy dose of wisdom, as an ethical framework for transforming gender injustice in myriad forms.