Global Justice through Racial and Religious Renaissance |
Tue, November 6th, 06:00 PM
07:00 PM

Global Justice through Racial and Religious Renaissance

“Intersectional Justice” is best viewed through a prism of historical and ethical religious perspectives. For essential reformation to become possible we must challenge the colonial exploitation by Christianity of women and the LGBTQ community on the continent of Africa, underscored globally against people of color. Religion that serves economic supremacy over spiritual integrity has systematically demonized traditions that recognize “God Within,” a notion — from New Thought origins to modern “meta-costal” activism — that affirms and reclaims the spiritual endowment of each and every individual. In this dynamic presentation, New Thought ministers find common ground with African Descendent Renaissance Pentecostals to bridge a darkened past with religious evolution at the intersection of faith, justice, equality, and the liberated human spirit.