Indigenous Assembly |
Fri, November 2nd, 09:00 AM
12:00 PM

Indigenous Assembly

Exhibit Hall ABC
The Indigenous Peoples plenary offers attendees the opportunity to hear from our esteemed leadership. Perry Bellegarde is a ceremonial leader, a fluent speaker of Cree and the political leader of 634 First Nations in Canada who will deliver a challenge on unity to guide our actions to support the healing of Mother Earth. Sid Hill, Tadadaho is one of the Chiefs of the Onondaga Nation and a leader in the Haudenosaunee Confederacy and will speak of the Great Law of Peace as the diivine system to guide humanity and heal Mother Earth. Women's voices from across the Earth are crucial in this time period and the women leaders will share their strength in supporting the resurgence in their communities of culture, language, ceremonies and wisdom traditions whose values are applied to modern dilemmas. Dr. Grand Chief Wilton Littlechild will provide a framework for action by governments worldwide to support Indigenous peoples and incorporate Indigenous Knowledge systems in their governance, economies, education, health, land rights, languages and so on. Finally, the Eastern Doorway Chief, Jim Dumont will walk us into the future for a spiritual evolution for humanity.