Music and Mantra for World Peace and Harmony |
Mon, November 5th, 12:15 PM
01:45 PM

Music and Mantra for World Peace and Harmony

Festival Stage
The melody of music and the Rhythm of mantra create a unique experience and energy in the environment. When mantras are chanted piously in combination with various ragas of Indian Classical music its impact on the environment is magical.This has the power to transform mankind as it touches the soul and drives it towards higher levels of existence. Therefore it has the ability to spread peace and harmony. Scientific explanations are available widely as to how Music and Mantra transforms molecular structures in the environme bringing about positive charge. Shri Kummar Chatterjee who is world renowned Indian Musician has done enormous research in this field. Through his work he has gathered many evidences which has helped ailing patients with chronic diseases both physical and psychological. Application of Music and Mantra has therapeutic importance, not only for human body and soul but for the entire world. Combination of music and mantra by Shri Kummar Chatterjee has unique implications that can brings bring peace and harmony in nature. His unique style of rendering mantras in various ragas creates a magical experience.