Parenting with Love |
Sat, November 3rd, 02:00 PM
02:50 PM

Parenting with Love

IFF Workshop 2
No more threat and regrets without follow through! This workshop helps parents to effectively manage consequences and discipline in a loving, non-violent manner. Paul has presented dozens of parenting [with love] workshops in Uganda and throughout the world. His message is simple: happy adults get the best jobs, end up in the best relationships, and have the best friends and life success. Happy people also are the ones that change the world. But how do we raise happy people? How do we raise happy children? Coming from a place of spirituality, non-judgment, virtue and character, through story, animated interaction and play, Paul will show how he chats up literacy, inspires and guides parents to help raise happy children who default to making good responsible choices based on connection, virtue, values and “doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do!”