Persecution of Religious Minorities |
Tue, November 6th, 12:15 PM
01:45 PM

Persecution of Religious Minorities

Persecution of minorities is a worldwide issue that needs to be addressed at international forums so that minorities all over the world can be helped and protected. Initially persecution explicitly referred to oppression due to one’s religious practices and faith, it now encompasses race, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation as well as religion. Persecution can be a two pronged attack from the governments through its actions, laws and policies, as well as hostile acts from private individuals, organizations and social groups with the concurrence or toleration of state actors. Rohingya Muslim, Dalit, Sikh, Baha’i, Hindu, Indian Muslim, and Chinese Muslim speakers will highlight the problems from their individual experiences and explore avenues for assisting oppressed minorities and explore the role of interfaith engagement in this work.